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This 240GB SSD is cheaper than a USB stick and a microSD card

Fixed or portable PCs require an SSD hard drive, which allows them to be much more reactive than traditional hard drives. And for the 2022 sale we found a good plan for the PNY CS900 with a capacity of 240GB, more than enough to install an operating system on it and as a bonus it’s 25 euros.

PNY CS900: an SSD to boost your PC

The PNY brand is well known for their storage products and the CS900 is very popular as it offers very good value for money, especially as it is very robust.

Regarding this currently advertised model, it has very good read and write speeds, here is what the manufacturer announces:

Sequential read speed: up to 550MB/s Sequential write speed: up to 515MB/s

The data transfer is just as quick as starting your PC under Windows.

The advantage of switching to an SSD is also its low energy consumption, but also that it emits less heat, making it ideal in a laptop PC, since it allows you to increase its autonomy.

As for the price, you can also get a great deal here as it only costs 25.49 euros instead of 38 euros, so cheaper than a USB stick or a microSD card. If you’re looking for a portable gaming PC, we also have a great deal HERE.

Why succumb?

Read and write speed Low power consumption Robustness

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