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they’re back for valentine’s day

Next Monday is Valentine’s Day, and for Valentine’s Day, Jackpot Gift Cards are back. These are cards with an additional bonus for a temporary period. Be careful, these cards sell like hotcakes.

Jackpot E-Gift Cards to buy more and pay less

They’re back, allowing you to get nice savings on every product available in store. FNAC’s Jackpot E-Gift Cards are made to do just that, and they’re compatible with Darty too. If you can’t find a product in one, you can find it in the other. They also work with good plans like the Asus Vivobook OLED, which already benefits from a €500 discount.

Here are the different bonuses depending on the gift card you choose:

10 euro bonus on the card at 50 euros so a total of 60 euros available 20 euro bonus on the card at 130 euros so a total of 150 euros available

Please note that you cannot order as many as you would like. Only one order of JackPot gift cards is possible per customer account, with a maximum of 3 JackPot gift cards per amount in the shopping cart. This offer is valid up to and including February 28th.

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