they get airpods for a dose of vaccine

Covid-19 contamination is spreading worldwide. In the United States, the city of Washington DC is using a fairly specific method of getting more people, especially young people, to vaccinate.

A reward for the first dose

With around 100,000 new Covid-19 infections, Washington DC is doubling its strategy of vaccinating as soon as possible. Indeed, the city has decided to offer great rewards to citizens who receive their first dose injected. This very particular method began with an official statement from the country’s Treasury Department calling on states and local governments to give a hundred dollars to each newly vaccinated person.

But Washington has gone further as it targets young people. It offers second generation AirPods for teenagers 12-17 years of age who are getting vaccinated. Her parents will also benefit from this generosity as they leave with a $ 51 gift certificate. But that’s not all, as in addition to wireless headphones, every new vaccine can enter a weekly raffle where eight winners go with an iPad and other headphones. Two participants will receive a $ 25,000 scholarship.

With students resuming school in the US in August, the city council appears to be betting on high numbers of vaccinated to avoid closing classes as much as possible.

64.6% of Washington residents received at least one dose of vaccine, up from 71% of the national average for all adults.

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