Green Lantern was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell and is a character from the DC Universe. He draws his strength from a rechargeable green ring with a lantern and can do whatever he wants, fly and translate all languages. But Green Lantern also seems to have unimagined powers and these are explosive.

Warning! This article contains spoilers regarding the Green Lantern # 5 comic book. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

The different faces of Green Lantern

Green Lantern is certainly the DC hero with the most original story. With the support of the Green Lantern Corps, he tries day and night to bring peace to earth. The character first appeared in All-American Comics # 16 in 1940.

An ordinary man who replies by the name Alan Scott finds a green lantern on earth and realizes that the object contains incredible energy that he can store with the help of a ring. With this new force and the various powers that come with it, Alan Scott becomes a vigilante fighting evil day and night.

You should know that the status of Green Lantern is passed on from one person to another and it is possible to distinguish different ages in the history of the vigilante in the green suit.

The Golden Age: Alan Scott The Silver Age: Hal Jordan The Bronze Age: Guy Gardner and John Stewart The Modern Age: Kyle Rayner

Since this year a new Green Lantern has appeared in the comic book by Geoffrey Thorne and the artists Tom Raney, Marco Santucci and Andy MacDonald. This is Keli Quintela, an 11 year old girl from Bolivia. While searching for an item in a landfill, she witnesses the murder of an alien by a man. Before he dies, the alien gives him a device with which he can access the energy battery of the Green Lantern.

After hacking into the battery to pull power from the source and incorporate it into her glove, she reprogrammed it to do what she wanted with it. The girl then decides to move to Metropolis to become a superhero. Commonly known as the Teen Lantern due to her young age, she is part of a team of young heroes dedicated to the fight against evil.

Explosive forces

In the latest issue of Green Lantern # 5, the teen experiences her powers, but her power is so great that it may be too strong for her.

The young Teen Lantern turns out to be an unstable atomic bomb that could explode at any moment. She was particularly fleeting as she prepared to attack Sinestro on her own. Convinced that the leader of the Yellow Lantern was responsible for the recent devastating attack on Oa, the world of the Green Lantern, Keli flew as fast as she could to New Korugar before anyone could stop her. Today his unique powers seem more unstable than anyone imagined. So much so that even the teenager doesn’t seem to be able to control her powers.

Previous editions of Green Lantern told us that Oa was attacked shortly after the United Planets Summit. One of the Guardians of the Universe was murdered and the Green Lantern’s central energy battery was destroyed, exhausting all of the Green Lantern’s rings and putting them in a state of quantum paralysis. When evidence suggests Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns, the Teen Lantern, are responsible, Keli Quintela rushes to face one of the Greens Lanterns’ greatest enemies, despite the lack of concrete evidence to prosecute him.

The girl is particularly confident of her skills while she is still in training, which is partly explained by her unique glove. The latter is an impressive object that allows him to create large structures. But the combination of the glove and Keli’s fiery character resulted in a massive explosion that knocked out several Yellow Lanterns as well as the teen himself.

While it is clear that the Teen Lantern has been overwhelmed by what has happened, that doesn’t detract from the power it can exude. Also note that after the explosion, a mysterious Yellow Lantern arrives and calms Keli’s brain to keep her from harming others or herself.

Geoffrey Thorne’s Green Lantern first appeared on April 6, 2021 and follows the story of Green Lantern, John Stewart, alongside Jo Mullein. The story begins with an intergalactic summit of the Guardians of the Universe and the United Planets to find out who can best serve the cosmos and protect it from harm. After the majority of the Green Lanterns on Oa are recalled, John Stewart arrives alongside the teen lantern Keli Quintela, whose hand-made glove is one of the most powerful and unstable weapons in the universe. As the landscape of the universe changes, the question arises whether this is the end of the Green Lantern Corps or a new beginning.

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