These two avengers begin an amazing romantic relationship


Aside from their struggles for goodness to triumph, superheroes have personal lives and even love lives. In Captain Marvel # 28, two famous Avengers who are among the most powerful begin a relationship of the most surprising!

To bring you my love

If Captain Marvel was just introduced in the Marvel films, it is not in the comics, where the character is one of the most important members of the Avengers. Of course, Carol Danvers had some romantic relationships and was in a relationship with Rhodey, aka War Machine, until recently. But dark events urged her to break with him.

Her close friends immediately signed her up for lots of speed dating. Without success. Until Carol meets Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange, after an unsuccessful session at a bar. The chemistry between the two seems immediately tangible … to the amazement of her friends, like Spider-Woman, who asks her several questions about their breakup.

Spider Woman: Oh my god, that’s why you left Rhodey.
Captain Marvel: I didn’t break up with Rhodey to deal with Stephen Strange!
SW: No, no, no, I was just saying that something happened in the future that made you think you had to!
CM: Yes, in the future Rhodey will have a beautiful daughter. And it’s not mine. I couldn’t go on like this.

The plot of this Captain Marvel story arc takes place after Carol Danvers travels to a distant, much darker future. In it she saw her husband Rhodey, happy with a little girl who definitely wasn’t hers. Hence his reason to part with him. The plot is placed in three boxes and we appreciate all the more the presence of Doctor Strange’s snakes, which serve as a comic relief here (a reference to the comics Promethea by Alan Moore?). You seem to particularly enjoy human dramas!

At the MCU, Ryan Fleck, the co-director of the film Captain Marvel, felt that there was no room to install romance, and Maria Rambeau remained a friend and / or a failed love for the heroine. Many want a romance between Valkyrie and Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2!

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17th March 2019