These toilets save money


If there’s one place where it’s hard to imagine making money, it’s the toilets. And yet a scientist has found the solution to grant this crazy wish. Explanations.

Money has no smell

At Hitek, we have a certain penchant for the most unusual inventions. Not so long ago we told you about this “third eye,” which enables traffic accident limitation, and was created by a South Korean artist. We stay in South Korea with a no less unusual invention: toilets that can be used to make money.

This project was born thanks to the ambition of Professor Cho Jae-weon who works at the National University of Science and Technology in Ulsan. These toilets called BeeVi (a suitcase word with the word bee, bee in English and the first syllable of the word vision) are based on a very simple concept: the Feces Standard Money. The toilet sucks up the manure, stores it in a tank, where it is converted into methane. Once extracted, the methane is used as bioenergy and biofuel.

In return for the droppings, the user can earn virtual money (Ggools) by scanning a QR code every time they go to the toilet. In total, you can earn 10 Ggool per day. This virtual currency can then be spent in about twenty Ulsan University stores. 1000 people are currently using these toilets and paying in Ggool.

Beyond the unusual aspect of the case, this anecdote is interesting as it questions the relationship between cryptocurrencies and ecology. While Elon Musk made a tough decision with regard to Bitcoin, which he considers to be too polluting for the environment, Professor Cho Jae-won has created a deeply ecological currency that finds its essence in the search for energies of bioenergies.

One can imagine that other initiatives of this kind will soon emerge in other parts of the world. In addition, new virtual currencies can be born and follow the same model as Ggool.

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