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These storyboards show that Wanda should have been even more violent

The WandaVision series will have kept us going with some notable twists and turns. We are now impatiently waiting for the last episode (unfortunately because season 2 is not planned) to bring us answers. Until next Friday, we’ll take a closer look at episode 8, which hasn’t revealed all of its secrets yet.

Please Note: This article contains episodes related to the first eight episodes of WandaVision. Don’t read it if you don’t want to be pampered.

WandaVision episode 8

Episode 8 of the series revealed to us some key points of the plot, like the fact that Agatha Harkness was attending Salem’s trial (as a judge) or that SWORD intended to use Vision’s body to recreate a weapon discovered as White’s Vision.

We also witnessed the fact that contrary to what we had previously shown, Wanda left the body of Vision to SWORD and let go of her pain right in the heart of Westview, creating the Hex. When Wanda enters SWORD, the scene we experience is particularly poignant as we put ourselves in her shoes and helplessly experience all of her emotional distress. This scene is important, and yet it was originally meant to be very different.

Storyboards reveal a different beginning story

Some storyboards from the eighth episode of WandaVision recently appeared on the Internet. Storyboards to discover below:

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February 13, 2021


February 13, 2021

If you look at these storyboards, you notice that this is the scene where Wanda is talking to a SWORD agent to find out where the body of Vision is, which deserves a funeral for her. Originally, Wanda was supposed to say these astute words:

I’m sick of everyone pretending Tony Stark is the only victim. As if he were the only Avenger that ever existed. So it’s a shame if you’re Natasha. But at least she, she was flesh and blood, right? But where are the vision monuments? No moving honors for the Android?

Wanda should therefore contact Tony Stark first while she appeared to be open (and even appears to be able to core the first corner) as we can see on the blackboard. That violent and incisive version referring to Black Widow was ultimately not retained, and Wanda appeared to us more as a strongly determined person willing to push back anyone who would prevent her from dignified saying goodbye to Vision.


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