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These shoddy practices are driving park security insane

If for many stays with family or friends in amusement parks are synonymous with moments of fun and adrenaline, for some it is different. Going to Disneyland is more of a mission of paramount importance, which is to scatter the ashes of your loved one.

Recreation in the “happiest place on earth”

It all started in 2018 with an uplifting Wall Street Journal article that lifted the veil on a rather chilling practice: in the United States, some visitors have an unfortunate tendency to leave their loved ones’ ashes at Disney theme parks (Disneyland, Disney World).

Bushes, artificial streams, flowers, flower beds and even the centerpiece of certain attractions, all places are well suited for receiving the deceased’s ashes. Attractions such as “The Haunted Manor” or “Small World” are the scene of these all too gloomy practices, which nevertheless, according to the families, stem from a good feeling: namely, paying homage to their loved ones so that they can rest in the “happiest place on earth”.

How do families manage to transport these ashes and defy security? Through medicine bottles, powder compacts or other incognito containers. This type of phenomenon would occur once a month on average.

HEPA cleaning

These practices are still relevant today. If the perpetrators are spotted, they will be guided to the exit before being dealt with by the police. In fact, the attraction is temporarily closed to allow staff to radio the cleaning service, codenamed “HEPA Clean up.”

“The Haunted Manor probably houses so much real human ashes that it’s not even funny anymore,” a warden at one of the American parks was discouraged. Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of the Disney universe lives up to its name.


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