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These five anime are very annoying to watch

Very popular, not all Japanese cartoons are aimed at children. And some of them, from their subject as well as from their atmosphere, even disgust most adults. Here are five examples!

1) Repeat the healer

He’s certainly the one talked about the most right now. Redo Of Healer is a terrible story, especially in the current context. The protagonist, a healing magician, is sexually molested and abused by his companions and the entire kingdom. A simple script later, he goes back in time to get revenge and rape the other people who hurt him. An extreme porn revenge system. Very worrying!

2) dog & scissors

We already told you about this anime in our Top 10 Weirdest and Weirdest Anime. But he’s so special that he absolutely deserves his place in this top. Even if it’s very funny at times, Dog & Scissor still tells us a love story (as you can imagine) between a dog and his fetishistic lover.

3) Boku No Pico

A classic of the classics. Boku No Pico is so well known that it has become a full-fledged meme, much like Rick Ashley or the number 117013 with Emergence Metamorphosis. These are videos or references that are used in response to a question or link request to troll the interlocutor. Boku No Pico is nothing more or less than an animated film about the love between an adult and a child. The kind of anime hard to beat today!

4) doll

Pupa is the only anime here that isn’t about sex. Or at least not directly. Cannibalism may be a form of pleasure, but it’s not here. Pupa wants to make you uncomfortable, make you vomit. This manga, which has been converted to anime since 2014, tells the story between a brother and sister Utsutsu and Yume, each infected differently with the same virus. With the sister, a transformation into a monster, a constant hunger for fresh meat and an anger that only stops when it is full. For the brother a certain gift for immortality that allows him to regenerate his own body after being devoured by Yume. Body that he will sacrifice to prevent his sister from devouring innocent people.

5) kiss X sister

It’s an incest story. But rest assured they used the best script trick to justify this thanks to the magical “step” added before “sister” to make it less dirty (as if it has changed a lot .. .). Even if Kiss X Sis wants to be a comic manga and quickly become fan-service, the plot still revolves around a male character that his two older half-sisters are flirting violently with and do anything to sleep with him and do his favors to get. Fortunately, the few comedy passages of this animation in one season may make you smile …

As you noticed, we stayed rather soft. There are a lot more disturbing anime out there than this. We could have included Berserkers or Goblin Slayers, who have very nasty scenes in their genre. We leave this work to you. Feel free to share your “recommendations” in the comments and maybe we’ll add them to the list!


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