These drawings of Disney Princesses and their pets offer a rare luminosity

We can no longer count the number of artists inspired by the pop culture of the Pixar and Disney cartoons to bring great drawings and illustrations to internet users. Today we invite you to introduce the work of a young Russian artist showing Disney princesses with their loyal pets.

Nicknamed Lander, this twenties artist draws her drawings with colored pencils, which makes her work even more special.

In a series called Princesses in Real Life, she features cartoon princesses with their pets. The artist makes the characters more realistic than in animation films and we invite you to discover this series of drawings below.

For those who would like to follow her, we invite you to subscribe to her Instagram account, on which she also shares her work and is also inspired by the universes of Game of Thrones at Marvel.

Fiona, cat in boots and donkey

Mérida and Angus

Megara and Pegasus

Snow White and Astor

Rapunzel and Maximus

Jasmine and Rajah

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