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These beautiful 3D mugs are waiting for you

The end-of-year celebrations are over, and as so often, all our gift ideas are over. If you or your friends are fans of pop culture in general, maybe this article will give you some new ideas to please your loved ones. We therefore invite you to discover the trendiest 3D mugs of the moment to have a smile from the morning coffee!


A gorgeous 3D mug with the image of Jack Skellington, who we know from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is a character from Halloween Town. Nicknamed the Pumpkin King, this scarecrow is the master of terror. He lives in some sort of giant tower with his ghost dog, Zero. And he’s now an iconic pop culture figure.


Playing on your nostalgic fiber, this beautiful 3D mug with the image of your favorite console is a perfect gift for all gamers.

Cup cauldron Harry Potter n°550

Coming from the official Harry Potter license, this magnificent 3D mug will delight fans of both the saga and the books. It’s up to you to pour in the potion of your choice afterwards…

3D mug one piece Chopper N°499

The One Piece Chopper 3D mug is a must-have if you’re a fan of Eiichiro Oda’s work. It comes from the One Piece license and its particular shape will allow you to keep the temperature of your hot drinks as much as possible.

3D mug Pikachu – Pokemon No. 638

This 3D Pikachu mug will bring a good morning smile to all Pokémon fans big and small. Impossible not to melt, especially when you know it’s from official license!

3D mug Stormtrooper N°2371

This 3D Stormtrooper MUG will get you on the right foot, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. With this Stormtrooper head in your hands, you’ll feel more easily like a Jedi.

3D MUG Hedwig – Harry Potter N°2380

If you’re a fan of animals and the Harry Potter saga, you might prefer the Hedwig 3D mug to the Cauldron mug: unless you like both! This pristine white mug has our heads spinning.

3D mug Harley Quinn – Batman N°2376

Here’s a 3D mug that’s really made for those who embrace their sneaky side! And of course for those who grew up watching Batman and have always loved the characters associated with him.

Flounder 3D cup – The little mermaid N°2377

If you’re looking for a 3D mug that makes for a cocktail, the Polochon mug with its shimmering colors is for you! And it will also appeal to all Disney movie lovers.

Mr. Potato Head 3D Mug – Toy Story #2378

And if you go back to your childhood with this Mr. Potato Head 3D mug? The ideal place to receive guests for an evening of nostalgia (and celebration)!

3D mug thanos Infinity glove – Marvel N°2381

If your favorite license is Marvel, then this mug could be the one that catches your eye with its shiny gold color and guessable stones. It’s up to you to take control of your destiny every morning when you get up and have your coffee with this very special 3D mug!

Dashing Pony 3D Mug – The Lord of the Rings N°2382

Did you really think we wouldn’t offer you a 3D mug made for Lord of the Rings fans? After all, see! Remember, in the heart of the village of Bree is the famous Auberge du Poney Fringant. This is where the hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin) will be welcomed, and this is also where they will meet grandpas.


This Uka Uka 3D mug is ideal for all Crash Bandicoot lovers who want to immediately pick up their controllers and start playing their favorite game.

3D MUG door handle – Alice in Wonderland N°2379

This 3D mug with door handle will please Disney fans, especially Alice in Wonderland ones.


If your little heart has always been in love with Groot, you can still get this cute 3D mug featuring your favorite Marvel character.

Sorting Hat 3D Mug – Harry Potter N°2358

And how about the Sorting Hat 3D mug, perfect for finding out what your friends are really up to? This two-piece mug is as ingenious as it is original!

Jack’s Coffin 3D Mug – The Nightmare Before Christmas N°2359

For the biggest fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Jack’s Coffin 3D mug is a particularly original gift.

And you, what is your favorite 3D mug among all those presented in this article? We’ll let you answer this question via our comments section! And if you want to stay in the field of pop culture in general, we invite you to discover 7 anecdotes about your favorite characters that you didn’t know in a previous article.


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