these are the series that end in 2022


Get ready: this glorious, incredible and exciting series will even end in 2022

Fortunately for the fans, some of the characters continue to be explored – this time in the films.

Say goodbye to Peaky Blinders (but not forever).

NiT has put together a couple of series (and seasons) that will debut in 2022 that we’re really looking forward to. Well, from a more unfortunate point of view, let’s talk about the productions that will end this year, much to the horror of millions of fans.

Like the natural cycle of life, series are born and die after a few years (or decades in the case of “The Simpsons”). Many have followed us since childhood or adolescence, such as The Walking Dead, which has been on the air since 2010. The end of the apocalyptic story comes later this year.

Others were present for a short time, such as “Killing Eve”, but still managed to build a large fan base among both critics and viewers. “Killing Eve has a certain irony that gives him an advantage over other espionage stories,” writes the American magazine “Esquire”. As for the Times, “Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s ability to create a very human comedy is what makes the show so good.”

These are some of the series that will be saying goodbye to fans, but it may not be the end of the universe that was presented to us. With the fifth season the story of “The Last Kingdom” comes to an end. But as producer Nigel Marchant explains, “there was always another story we wanted to tell.” To this end, they are releasing a new film, the recordings of which will begin shortly before the premiere of the last chapter in the Middle Ages series.

Another minor tragedy is the fact that “Peaky Blinders” is coming to an end in the coming months (although the first episode of this season has no release date). But calm down: the story continues. The creator of the British series will dedicate himself to a fictional film that will mark the definitive conclusion of the project.

“This is probably the end of the journey for the Peaky Blinders as we know them,” he said late last year before revealing that filming won’t begin until 2023.

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