These are the 20 authors who will compose the next songs of the Song Festival

These are the 20 authors who will compose the next songs of the Song Festival

RTP has already published the list of composers for the next edition. Carolina Deslandes is one of them.

Carolina Deslandes is one of the guests.

After several years with the majority of the Portuguese public, the Festival da Canção regained strength with changes introduced by RTP that allowed well-known names to compose songs for other artists. This is how “Amar Pelos Dois” by Luísa Sobral, played by her brother Salvador Sobral, won Eurovision in 2017.

In the next edition, the event promises to be competitive again. The semi-finals are scheduled for February 20th and 27th. On March 6th we have the grand finale, in which the representative of Portugal in Eurovision will be elected.

There are a total of 20 songs that the 2021 Song Festival will have. Of these, 18 result from direct invitations from RTP, taking into account the representation of the diversity of music genres and artists with already published works. There are also two names chosen through the free song submission.

This year, RTP broke records with 693 model submissions via email. Pedro Gonçalves and Miguel Marôco sign the selected topics by submitting them free of charge. Stick with the full list of the remaining 18 composers: Anne Victorino d’Almeida, Carolina Deslandes, Da Chick, Fábia Maia, Filipe Melo, Helder Moutinho, IAN, Irma, Joana Alegre, João Vieira, Karetus, Neev, Pedro da Linha, Stereosaurs, Tainá, Tatanka, Virgul and Viviane.

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