It is easy to get disoriented when traveling abroad. It is possible to discover new practices, new foods, objects unknown to us or even to admire typical architectures of the country. Today we invite you to discover 62 things that are unique to South Korea.

From the mouthwash machine to cars wrapped in plastic to avoid dust from construction sites, or even onion-flavored cereals, South Korea will amaze you. Discover now this selection of 57 things that make South Korea a special country.

# 1 A self-service library on the metro

# 2 A coffee shop offers bags of coffee grounds to make fertilizer

# 3 A machine that dispenses liquid to make a mouthwash

# 4 An overweight Iron Man on display in the shop window

# 5 A television station for dogs

# 6 a bouquet machine

# 7 pizzas are often sold with these finger guards

# 8 The ceiling of a hand-painted temple

# 9 The Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea

# 10 “be careful with cats”

# 11 Cars that are wrapped in plastic to keep them from getting paint during a building renovation

# 12 Spicy pasta-flavored floss

# 13 an automatic sock dispenser

# 14 Ramen machine

# 15 A box of food and health products offered for quarantine by the government

# 16 There are benches every 500 meters for walkers in Ansan City

# 17 You can fish in this bar

# 18 a plastic-wrapped car to avoid collecting dust from a nearby construction site

# 19 Disinfectant for escalators

# 20 the entrance to Club Chroma in Seoul, the largest nightclub in the world

# 21 A building with 1000 doors

# 22 A school allows illiterate people to go to school and learn to read on their school buses

# 23 Jeju city with its cherry trees in spring

# 24 The route to the airport is indicated on the back of the flight tickets

# 25 The GT Tower in Seoul looks like a wave

# 26 A cafe that looks like 2D in Seoul

# 27 Benches that form the roots of a tree

# 28 This sorbet comes with a container so it doesn’t run all over the place

# 29 Prescription glasses are available to make it easier for people to fill out paperwork

# 30 Cakes are often sold with a candle and match hidden in the plastic knife handle

# 31 Rations offered by the government during quarantine

# 32 The contrast between old and new buildings

# 33 A bank of solar panels and a USB port for charging phones

# 34 A Totoro snowman

# 35 The toilets are marked with a sign every 3 meters

# 36 Pedestrian crossings are equipped with lights on the ground

# 37 Parks are equipped with machines that blow air to remove dust from shoes

# 38 This is a front door to a bar

# 39 A sign telling the crew what to do if you sleep during the flight

# 40 the elevator button on the fourth floor corresponds to “F”, because “4” sounds like “dead”

# 41 A toilet-themed cafe

# 42 cabins for Covid tests

# 43 Spring cherry blossom products

# 44 Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea

# 45 foam rods to prevent damage to cars

# 46 Robots run around Seoul Airport, helping passengers and giving flight information

# 47 A well-stocked delivery man

# 48 Cafes with faces drawn on the surface

# 49 A ray organized according to the colors of the rainbow

# 50 Onion flavored cereals

# 51 On-site information that would cause a scandal in France

# 52 A helium balloon dispenser

# 53 Individual stands for karaoke

# 54 Automatic street cleaning

# 55 Toothpaste tubes that give just the right amount

# 56 Parking spaces reserved for women

# 57 Bananas sold with stickers to stick on

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