These 5 facts that prove Henry Cavill was the best choice for Geralt

The star of The Witcher, Henry Cavill, almost single-handedly carries the heroic fantasy series as the witcher Geralt De Riv, the second season of which was released on Netflix on December 17, 2021. In fact, his slime and apathetic side ensure that he manages to fill the lack of incarnation of the other actors and the ease of scriptwriting the series.

The 38-year-old British actor is without a doubt suitable for the role. For those who still doubted it, here are some arguments.

# 1 he’s a fan of video games

On the other hand, if he’s never read Andrzej Sapkowski’s works before putting on the Witcher costume, then Henry Cavill is a fan of video games. In fact, the British actor began to familiarize himself with the world of The Witcher by playing video games. As a fan of the license launched by CD Projekt, for example, he shows more than a hundred hours on his account on the counter of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He recently shared his experience last November.

# 2 Persistent, he went out of his way to meet the showrunner

As a fan, Cavill went out of his way to meet the show’s director, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, before the show even started. If he barely marked the showrunner during his interpretation, his stubbornness will pay off, because after several other unsuccessful auditions, Hissrich finally decided to cast the actor from Superman, well supported by his passion.

# 3 After reading the books, he became an expert on the set

This anecdote comes from Freya Allan, who plays Ciri on screen. As he said, Cavill made a lot of references to books while filming certain scenes: “On the set we are shooting a scene … and he said,” I think we should use that line from page 253 of Blood of Elves “”. First in class.

# 4 he insisted that his character fit the books more

In order to best embody his character, Henry Cavill, along with Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, insisted that the second season Geralt be more like that of the scriptures:

This season I really wanted to make sure we represented the Geralt of the book more accurately and saw him speak more, ”he explained.

# 5 He also insisted on doing all of his stunts

True story. No understudy was hired during the fighting phases, as Cavill himself completed a 10-day training course for these scenes. “It is very important to me that I follow the character in the plot. That character has to exist in both the action and the dialogue scenes, ”he said.

There is no doubt that Henry Cavill is invested in his role as the witcher Geralt of Rivia. His acting is gaining traction, as is the visual effects this season 2. So do we have to expect Act 3 to finally live up to our expectations?

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