These 31 very rough sketches become real masterpieces

It is not always easy for a professional designer to shape his clients’ ideas. If you’ve ever had a clear idea of ​​drawing but not the ability to get your ideas down on paper, you know what we’re talking about.

From sketch to masterpiece: it’s a team effort. A professional designer, who can be seen on Twitter under the pseudonym Vetyyr and whose real name is Syd Mills, explained in a tweet the importance of sketches that customers give away. Even if the client feels like they are drawing something bad, these sketches are actually very important. In fact, they allow a better idea of ​​what the customer has in mind and are a starting point for the designer.

Following Syd Mills’ post on Twitter, many netizens and professional designers shared sketches along with the final result. The difference between the two designs is often impressive.

# 1

“Customer sketch VS final illustration. That’s why artists love to sketch their concept !! No sketch is too messy for us, we promise – the sketch shown here really helped a lot.”

# 2

“Here’s mine and the bottom line.”

# 3

“In response to @vetyyr. I couldn’t agree more.”

# 4

“On the left is my drawing. On the right is the final result of @ / cobcris. Thank goodness he was able to turn my eye-catching drawing into a beautiful samurai frog.”

# 5

“I ordered this from @ / vetur02 and sent you a very quick and bad sketch. The result was exactly how I imagined it in my head. I should do that more often for artists!”

# 6

“I can confirm it, it really works.”

# 7

“On the left, it was my concept.”

# 8th

“Yes !! When people send in sketches for assignments, whatever they want, they keep making my day new.”

# 9

“It pays off, my sketch versus the wonderful work @heldmoor does. I love it so much.”

# 10

“Oh, I have an example of this. X) Don’t be afraid to give a sketch you made to give us some direction. It helps a lot! The client’s sketch and the final:”

# 11

“Full approval! The sketch that the customer sent me was actually very well designed and the basics were already done.”

# 12

“Every year @cruikshankjulie creates a personalized Christmas card that we can send out. This year I came up with the idea for the picture. (” What if that, but forever? “)
Never underestimate the value of a lazy design to tell a graphic designer what you want! “

# 13

“I sent the sketch to my tattoo artist VS. The result is exactly what I imagined in my head.”

# 14

“I always provide the illustrators I work with with detailed pictures and texture samples for each object in the picture, along with a complex description.
Image: Neolithic people on the Rhine, 5500 BC Chr. “

# fifteen

“My partner @overshia and I work on small magazines together. I often send them sketches and they send me back funny comments and watercolors. Sketches are a great way to show the ideas that are on your mind. I would wish that more people work with sketches to explain their ideas. “

# 16

“The same here (sketch and first step)”

# 17

“I have dozens of them, but unfortunately I haven’t saved all of the drawings.”

# 18

“YES !! Here is a recommendation I got from my brother-in-law, and I did this for him! (It was for a school project about drilling other planets and their moons).”

# 19

“What I sent to Setz VS is the end result.”

# 20

“This is one of mine. The client wanted a video game case with surveillance, enemy patrols, and some kind of science fiction science building.”

# 21

“The life of an independent person with no artistic talent, but with very talented artists.”

# 22

“I see this type of post every month, but yeah, I do a lot of things like that, sometimes I even use Minecraft to show the point of view of the artwork. Honestly, it’s sad to see that customers aren’t as respected as they are Artist.” because they do a lot behind the scenes. “

# 23

“I made a few changes to the overall design, but this was one of the designs I remembered having a sketch.”

# 24

“I sent that to the artist and what she sent me back, to be honest, I love it.”

# 25

“Still not sure how @kurikusuri turned this lazy design I sent into this adorable piece, but kudos to them.”

# 26

“Hats off to @SimonWongArt for drawing all of these pictures.”

# 27

“This is an order I made a few years ago that the customer sketched out for. I know a lot of people order artists on this thread and feel unsure about their skills, but I promise you this one of the best ways to communicate is idea to whoever your request comes in. 🙂 “

# 28

“Kudos to all of the artists for doing a great job translating our sketches and messages into wonderful art including @mjbarrosm who turned my hasty scribble into a beautiful piece.”

# 29

“I saw this post when I first experienced this. So here’s the customer reference (thanks @ 0_Tolerain) and the final illustration. Illustration by me.”

# 30

“These come from the redesign we did last year.”

# 31

“I always do that when we need artistic work for our clips. Here is an example.”

If you enjoyed this article, you will surely discover the same drawing made in 10 seconds, then 1 minute, then 10 minutes.

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