These 30 famous actors introduce us to their understudies (part 2)

There is generally one or more liners hidden behind every great actor or actress who has made an adventure or action film. Discover a selection of 30 actors alongside their freshmen in this article.

Two for the price of one

More or less similarly, these substitute actors allow you to perform the most dangerous stunts most of the time, or to replace the actor at the wrong time. Here is a selection of shots in which actors pose alongside their understudies.

# 1 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his understudy Tanoai Reed / Jumanji: The Next Level

# 2 Chris Pratt and his second degree Tony McFar / Guardians of the Galaxy

# 3 Scarlett Johansson and her understudy Heidi Moneymaker / Avengers

# 3 Margot Robbie and her understudy Ingrid Kleinig / Suicide Squad (2016)

# 4 Chris Hemsworth and his double Bobby Holland Hanton / Thor 2

Tom Hardy and his second degree Jake Tomuri

# 5 David Dastmalchian and his understudy / the Suicide Squad (2021)

# 6 Kit Harington and his Dan Euston / Game of Thrones understudy

# 7 Tessa Thompson and her understudy Tara Macken / Men in Black: International

# 8 Ben Affleck and his Rich Cetrone / Triple Frontier understudy

# 9 Halle Berry with her liner Anisha Tee Gibbs / John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

# 10 Reese Witherspoon and her fodder Marilee Lessley

# 11 Sophia Di Martino and Gugu Mbatha with their liners / Loki

# 12 Jim Carrey and his understudy / Ace Ventura: Detectives for Dogs and Cats

# 13 Margot Robbie and her liner / Birds of Prey

# 14 Awkwafina and his double Lee Chesley / Jumanji: The Next Level

# 15 Chris Hemswoth and his double Bobby Holland Hanton / Heart of the Sea

# 16 Kurt Russell and his Dick Warlock understudy / Escape from New York

# 17 Orlando Bloom and his understudy Zach Hudson / Pirates of the Caribbean

# 18 Karen Gillian and her liners Joanna Bennett and Jahnel Curfman / Jumanji

# 19 Jared Padalecki with his Mike Carpenter / Supernatural Liner

# 20 Jessica Chastain with her understudy / The 355

# 21 Cobie Smulders and his understudy Megan Le / Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

# 22 Mark Wahlberg and his understudy / Transformers: The Last Knight

# 23 Brie Larson and Marilyn Brett with their feed Renae and Heidi Moneymaker / Captain Marvel

# 24 Zachary Levi and his Ryan Handley / Shazam understudy

# 25 Chyler Leigh and her understudy Lisa Chadnler / Supergirl

# 26 John Cena and his sophomore, Spencer Thomas

# 27 Sebastian Stan and his understudy John Nania / Falcon and the Winter Soldier

# 28 Harrison Ford and his double Vic Armstrong / Indiana Jones

# 29 Arnold Schwarzenegger and his liner Peter Kent / Terminator

# 30 Henry Cavill and his understudy Oliver Keller / Immortals

If you enjoyed this article, rediscover the first part with many other liners.

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