These 3 skills will make your game 1000 times better

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was recently released and puts players in the Viking invasion of England. A game with a huge skill tree where points can be spent as you wish. But among this wide range of skills, 3 are particularly useful that will make your game 1000 times better.

the counter role

The counter attack on the left side of the skill tree allows you to play against heavy and unstoppable attacks from your enemies. These, represented by a red rune during the attack, do a lot of damage. Avoiding this is one thing, being able to return the favor with increased damage is another. And the “Counter Roll” allows you to dodge a heavy attack while positioning yourself behind your opponent’s back. A godsend that simply requires a little timing. You no longer have to worry about heavy attacks from your enemies.

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The crusher

As the name suggests, the “breeze slide” plays with the fall. This particularly practical skill negates fall damage by automatically rolling the egg on impact. So, this allows you to freely explore the regions of this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by jumping freely where you want without worrying about the case. Be careful not to abuse it, you risk getting addicted.

Projectile return

Are you tired of arrows and other spears that your enemies have thrown at you? Select the “Return the projectile”. As you can imagine, this skill allows you to reflect your enemies’ projectiles. All you have to do is press “A” (on the PC) when you want it to reach you. You will then enjoy a nice sequence in which Eivor returns the target projectile to the sender. A particularly useful skill for players who don’t necessarily play with a shield.

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