These 20 actors played in Kaamelott and Astérix


The worlds of Kaamelott and Asterix are a symbol of French culture. Both exist in BD format as well as on screen. Not so long ago we released some synopsis of the upcoming movie Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom – the latter will pick up on some of the big highlights from Mission Cleopatra. At the same time, the feature film Kaamelott: Premier Volet, which has been eagerly awaited and repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic, finally has its new release date. While we wait to find these two universes in the dark rooms, we offer you a little recap of the actors who played in both Asterix and Kaamelott.

Battles, legends and humor

It goes without saying that Asterix and Kaamelott have some things in common. A medieval universe where costumes and swords rhyme with funny lines. Logically, therefore, we find a nice handful of actors who haven’t resisted the urge to act in both works. These 20 actors entered the land of King Arthur like that of the mighty Caesar, not without entertaining the audience!

# 1 Christian keyboard

# 2 Emma de Caunes

# 3 Pascal break off

# 4 philippe morier-genoud

# 5 alexandre astier

# 6 Alain Chabat

# 7 Jacques Chambon

# 8 elie semoun

# 9 Guillaume Briat

# 10 guillaume galienne

# 11 lorànt German

# 12 Clovis Cornillac

# 13 françois morel

# 14 Lionnel Astier

# 15 Serge Papagalli

# 16 geraldine nakache

# 17 françois rollin

# 18 manu payet

# 19 franck pitiot

# 20 Joelle Seville

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