These 15 Marvel comic book couples never appeared together in the films


The Marvel team has a large number of very different heroes and villains. In the course of the conflicts that shake their world, some work together and inevitably fall in love. For their part, others very much prefer to chain the conquests, from superheroes to superheroes.

15 Wonderful Couples You Can Only Marvel at in the Comics

There’s one hell of a heartbreaker in the little world of superheroes. Couples then manage to form, and sometimes these completely unexpected relationships even turn into very strange unions. Few have the honor of becoming beautiful and romantic love stories in the cinema. The others are eventually given up between two old editions of retro comics.

1) T’Challa (Black Panther) and Tornado

Granted, Tornado and Black Panther haven’t really had the chance to meet in the cinema until now. And worst of all, there is little chance that their romance will come to life in the near future. Indeed, the actor who played Black Panther (Chadwick Bosseman) left us. So it’s unclear if the character of T’Challa as we know him will ever return to the MCU …

For the record, you know that these heroes met very young, by a strange coincidence. A romance quickly developed between the two. From there their paths will part and cross again and again until the Prince of Wakanda finally decides to ask for the hand of the X-Men.

2) Black Widow and Hawkeye

In the MCU, Black Widow and Hawkeye have managed to forge an unwavering friendship that is free from any ambiguity. It must be said that the two Avengers have seen things through the years. That’s why their relationship in the comics is much more turbulent. If the two seem to agree on the friendliness of their relationship today, then they’ve dated several times during their adventures.

3) Jessica Jones and Captain America

I’m sure you’re wondering where did we get this unlikely pair from? Know that Jessica Jones and Steve Rogers had an incredible romance in a comic book released in 2005. The two lived in perfect love and fought hand in hand against crime.

Unfortunately, the dream of seeing the two characters in the films together has little chance of coming true. This romance that unites our two heroes is the result of an alternate plot in which we imagine what the fate of Jessica Jones would have been had she agreed to join the Avengers.

4) Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Kitty Pryde

The Star-Lord / Gamora pair seem to be one of the MCU’s favorites. But in the comics, another woman managed to assert herself in the life of the boisterous hero. This is Kitty Pride, a mutant he could see in the X-Men films. If the couple marry and live a passionate romance, it ends during the events of World War II.

5) Black Widow and Bucky (the Winter Soldier)

Black Widow is one of the most portrayed heroines in MCU films. Even so, the secret agent still has a great mystery in her conspiracy. While we wait for the release of the film Black Widow, which is supposed to teach us more, the comics offer us more information about the character. In her past, Natasha Romanoff would have met the winter soldier and even had an affair with him.

6) Medusa and the human torch

Medusa and the human torch lived on their side love stories that left their mark on them. What a surprise to see them as a couple! Recall that Medusa had a very long romance with Black Arrow and that the torch, in turn, had gone out with Crystal, sister of the Queen of Brutes.

7) Hawkeye and the Mockingbird

In the past few MCU films, Hawkeye has appeared as a happy father. The superhero even longs for a quiet little life alongside his wife and two children. In the comics, however, his daily life is much less tidy. He will fall in love and then marry Mockingbird (the mockingbird). The archer will even find two different Avengers teams with her. Unfortunately, the romance between Hawkeye and SHIELD’s ex-agent won’t work in the long run.

8) Gamora and Tony Stark (Iron Man)

As strange as it sounds, Tony Stark and Gamora spent a night together at the Marvel Comics. All of this happened when our dear Iron Man started spending a little too much time with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This short romance will certainly never appear in the cinema, given the fate that met the two heroes and the existence of other love stories that revolve around these characters …

9) Black Widow and Spider-Man

For the black widow, heroism seems to be an extremely attractive trait. She can then boast of a huge hunting picture that even features Spider-Man. In her defense, Black Widow had completely forgotten who she was. At the end of Spider-Man Team Up episode 85, she explains to Spidy that her alter ego Nancy Rushman has fallen in love with him, but Natasha Romanoff felt absolutely nothing for him.

10) mercury and crystal

The love story that unites the two superheroes begins when Crystal saves Quicksilver’s life. Create a romance between them that will bring the human torch, friend of Crystal’s time, to a boil with jealousy. In the end, it is Pietro who conquers the hearts of the monsters. The two will get married and give birth to Luna Maximoff. However, their romance didn’t last. Quicksilver found herself rejected by her new family and Crystal felt abandoned by her husband.

11) Falcon and Misty Knight

The falcon and the winter soldier are rightly considered the series of the moment. This should usually allow us to see the character of Sam Wilson more clearly in the future. Know in the comics that on his quest to find the new Captain America, he will meet Misty Knight. The superhero already has several appearances on the side of the series Luke Cage, Iron Fist or Defenders. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a sensational entry into the Disney + series.

12) Spider-Man and Silk

For comic fans, the couple Spider-Man and Silk sounds like a piece of cake. The young heroine has the same origins and powers as the Spider-Man. This creates a real bond between them that makes them tirelessly jump on each other as soon as they share their adventures.

In the MCU, Silk initially appears as a simple classmate of Spider-Man. However, a series is already planned for the character.

13) Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and War Machine

Carol Danvers recently arrived at the MCU and doesn’t really have her head for romance. Her daily life as a superhero preoccupies her too much for that. However, in future productions, Captain Marvel may be in love with War Machine. In the comics, the two actually live a beautiful and tender love story.

14) Spider-Man and the Mockingbird

Whether in the film or in the comics, Spider-Man has experienced great love disappointments. However, it could be that our hero has finally found the recipe for simple and unadorned love. He and Mockingbird work together in the comics. The chemistry then is such that a romance between the two was beyond doubt!

15) Thanos and Hela

Tyrants also have the right to know great love! Fortunately for the Avengers, the two biggest threats have yet to find their way around the MCU. It can’t be too late …

In the album Thor: The Indigenous War, Hela and Thanos exchange a fiery kiss. Nothing has happened since then. The writers seem to have completely given up on the idea of ​​a romance between the two villains.