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These 15 action animes are fan favorites

Few people have seen an action anime at least once in their life. This particularly popular genre seems to be registering itself as a fan favorite. These animated universes, rejected in so many universes that they can’t be counted, keep us alive every time epic moments are littered with truly remarkable battles.

15 of your favorite action anime of all time

Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Demon Slayer, the action genre has given us some of the most popular nuggets of this generation. The community loves their modern heroes who take us on adventures filled with sweat and tears.

But if you could only choose one of them all, which one would it be? We are aware that this question is not easy to answer. However, some fans made it anyway. Their opinion enabled them to rank the best action anime of all time. Here are the results as we speak with you!

15) Code Geass

The animated Code Geass was created by the Sunrise studio (Nicky Larson, Cowboy Bebop) and puts us in an alternate universe in which Japan is now under the rule of the Empire of Britannia. For 7 years the intruder has been leading the Japanese archipelago with the help of powerful mechas.

However, everything will change when a certain Lelouch, son of the Emperor of Britannia, inherits the power of kings. The Geass will allow him to finally achieve his dreams of revenge by turning his back on his homeland.

14) Noragami

Noragami tells us about the adventures of Yato, a little god looking for followers to carry out his cult. With the idea of ​​finally becoming a respected deity of modern Japan, he decides to give his help to anyone who makes him a 5 yen offer.

During his search, Yato is just hit by a truck. He is rescued by the young Hiyori Iki, who after this event will transform into half an Ayakashi, a being that can separate his soul from his body.

13) Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, also known as SNK for close friends, took 13th place in this ranking. For several years now, anime fans have been living to the rhythm of this bloody universe, in which humanity has to hide behind walls in order to survive the titans.

But where do these gigantic creatures come from? How can you fight them effectively? So many questions for Eren Jäger and the rest of the reconnaissance battalion whose job it will be to save the remains of humanity.

12) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the second anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. This series is said to be much more faithful to Hiromu Arakawa’s paper work in its universe and plot.

The anime immerses us in the backdrops of Amestris, a land where alchemy has taken on the status of a universal science. It also attracts a lot of people, like Edward and Alfonse Eric. These two brothers take up the practice in hopes of resuscitating their deceased parents. You will pay a heavy price for it. Alphonse will then lose his body and feel sealed in one of Eric’s limbs. Together they will finally go in search of the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone in order to regain everything they seem to have lost …

11) cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction series set to begin in 2071. The bebop spaceship travels through the solar system with a team of bounty hunters on board. Each of its members is called a “cowboy” and has their own story.

The anime not only lets us travel in space, it also delves into the past of the key characters in the crew. Then it seems like the perfect opportunity to learn more about Spike Spiegel, a former member of the Red Dragons who is haunted by his past.

10) Red Eyes Sword: Akagame ga Kill!

Akagame ga Kill! adjusts the story of the manga of the same name to an animated one before it moves away from it in the episodes. The series tells the story of Tatsumi, a young fighter who is approached by a group of assassins.

If the naive boy just wanted to make money to support his village, the Night Raid clan’s ambitions now go much further. The revolutionary group wants to eradicate corruption completely and attack the capital’s government organs directly.

9) Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail takes place in a world of magic known as the Kingdom of Fiore. Among the many residents who inhabit this place there are fighters with extraordinary magical powers. These beings are called magicians. They use their gifts in the service of missions.

To survive the financial pressures, they organize themselves into guilds, some of which are very popular. One of them gets special mention, it’s the one called “Fairy Tail”. Their members are all as crazy as they are impressive.

8) bleach

Bleach is based on the adventures of the young Ichigo Kurozaki. This 15-year-old ordinary person has a very special talent that sets him apart from others: he can perceive the spirits around him.

His meeting with a shinigami, a guardian spirit, will mark a turning point in his daily life. Through a combination of circumstances, he is entrusted with the strange powers of this supernatural being. These will then enable him to fight the Hollows, types of corrupt souls, and open the doors to a whole new world, the Soul Society.

7) Tokyo Ghoul

The anime Tokyo Ghoul is not for everyone. The series is pretty bloody and it highlights cannibalists, so to speak, called ghouls.

In the heart of Tokyo, these special beings are organizing to survive against the CCG, an organization that wants their extermination. The young Ken Kaneki will then have to choose his side in this bloody war, which will soon transform into a hybrid being, half ghoul, half human.

6) Mob Psycho 100

At first glance, the nickname Mob seems like a student like any other. However, the young Shigeo Kageyama is hiding a difficult secret. He has strong psychic powers in him.

Mob Psycho 100 then party to respect Spidy’s famous saying, “Great power implies great responsibility”. Shigeo Kageyama refuses to use his gifts outside of his job. What he wants more than anything in the world is the quiet little life of a young, deaf lover.

5) Seven Deadly Sins

The Lion Kingdom is the scene of a terrible conspiracy that leads to the death of the Grand Master of the Holy Knights, Zaratra. The sponsors of this attack have all been found. It would be the seven deadly sins …

The anime begins its story ten long years later when Princess Elizabeth tries to find these criminals who eventually fell into anonymity. She believes that these apostates are the only beings who can save the kingdom from the tyranny established by the Holy Knights.

4) My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia sounds like a living tribute to the Marvel universe. This animation takes us into a world where there are superheroes. With quirks, names given to the gifts with which they are born, these noble-hearted beings owe it to themselves to fight evil in all its forms.

Izuku Midoriya is a little boy who dreams of becoming a great superhero, just like his role model, the legendary All Might. Unfortunately for him, Izuku has no quirks and then sees his chances of returning to Yuei’s Super Heroic Academy go up in smoke. A meeting with his lifelong idol will turn everything upside down and finally give him a glimmer of hope.

3) Hunter X Hunter

This second animated adaptation of the universe by Yoshihiro Togashi was produced by Madhouse (Death Note, Parasite) and lets us follow the adventures of the young Gon. The boy, abandoned by his father, decides to start a difficult career as a hunter (a kind of adventurer).

To do this, Gon must first successfully pass dangerous exams. This will be the opportunity to make friends with other fighters with very different mentalities and, most importantly, one day to become a hunter as famous as his father.

2) one punch man

One-Punch Man is a completely insane anime that leads us to follow Saitama, a hero like no other. This young man with no work and no motivation will change completely after strange events.

From then on, Saitama will decide to embark on a superhero career and then begin intensive training. This will cause him to lose his hair, but most importantly, it will also bring immeasurable power into his hands. Today, when no opponent is able to shake the superhero, Saitama remains exhausted to not be recognized at his fair value.

1) Naruto Shippuden

All manga fans need to know Naruto. In Shippuden, the hero of the ninja world grew up well and even gained incredible power. This should allow him to finally touch his dream of Hokage with his fingertips.

Before Naruto and his companions get there, they must complete many missions in hopes of lasting peace. The Akatsuki group carries out their terrible plan while Sasuke threatens the precarious balance between the 5 great ninja lands …

Is your favorite action anime on this list? Please let us know in the comments. And if you liked it, now is the ranking of these characters who you consider to be the best anime swordsmen of all time!


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