These 12 Tony Stark Mistakes That Made Him Stronger


Everyone makes mistakes in life. But the main thing is to learn from your mistakes so that we can move forward. And Tony Stark understood that well.

12 mistakes that made Tony Stark stronger

Tony Stark is one of the most powerful Avengers, but we have to admit that he made a lot of mistakes. However, this does not mean that he did not learn from his mistakes, because as you will see in this article, he always knew how to benefit from them. We invite you to go over the various mistakes he may have made in the MCU movies and see how it has helped him improve.

1) GPS

Tony Stark, who was lost at the first Iron Man factory in Afghanistan after escaping his kidnappers, finds he is missing an essential accessory. A GPS! Don’t worry about the character, just ask and you’re done! He then equips his costumes with this tool to equip the Spiderman costume in Homecoming.

2) frost

Tony Stark faces a rather annoying problem when flying in his Iron Man armor in the upper atmosphere: frost. There is a solution to every problem! To overcome these frost worries, he opts for a new gold-titanium alloy for his armor!

3) The clock

Remember, Tony is captured by Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. In order to try to escape the clutches of his captor, he must call his armor from Harley’s hut and get out of this situation. But it is clear that when his armor arrives, he will be vulnerable. In order not to get into such a situation again, we can see in the Civil War that he added a nano-blaster to his watch that allows him to defend himself in all circumstances.

4) lightning

During his confrontation with Thor in Avengers, you may have noticed that Stark’s armor was able to absorb the force of lightning sent by the god of thunder. However, Iron Man has no way of using it. So what’s the point? As a result, he will make a new armor, the Mark 85, which can be seen in Endgame. With this armor it is now possible for him to approach the power of lightning, but also to transform it, and he will not deprive himself of it. So ask Thanos!

5) The MARK 42 armor

If Tony Stark decides to put on new armor, the Mark 42, it is due to an issue that arose during a scene in the Avengers film. In fact, he narrowly avoids dying directing the SHIELD missile toward the Chitauri ship. The reason ? The drive. With his new armor, he is now equipped with an autonomous drive system that gives him the ability to control his armor from anywhere and to choose between full control or just part of it.

6) The Iron Legion

You may have discovered the Iron Legion in Iron Man 3. This armor and android group is only controlled by Stark and Jarvis. This army was created by the billionaire after he realized in Avengers the damage caused by fighting the Chitauris and the fact that he and his superhero squad were not effective enough. Once formed, the Iron Legion is still unsatisfactory for Stark. Because of this, he will be tackling his improvement by developing Ultron.

7) The HulkBuster

The Hulk is not the most docile … it is not easy to argue with him, and even less to control him when he is in a green rage! To protect the Avengers, Tony decides to fix the problem by creating armor for him with the help of Bruce Banner. The HulkBuster armor has been created and is a real stroke of genius!

8) stabilizers

In order to move in the air and above all to remain stable, Iron Man has to use his hands and legs. Aside from being a hell of a big vulnerability for Stark in the middle of a fight. So he decides to take full advantage of his limbs and improve his flight control to equip his armor with air stabilizers.

9) Combat Whiplash

The fight against whiplash … you will surely remember Iron Man 2. When he fights him, it takes a very long time for his Mark 5 armor to arrive. After that event, Stark decided to switch to Mark 7 in Avengers. Armor that offers many advances in terms of theft and alarm systems.

10) Relief armor

Tony Stark realizes that if his house is attacked in Iron Man 3, Pepper can be in danger. To keep them safe, Tony Stark will create the rescue armor for them, which can also be seen at the end of Endgame. This armor, known as the Mark 1616, has no weapon other than repulsor rays under the gloves and can emit magnetic fields.

11) frost

Tony Stark almost froze to death in Iron Man 3. His armor is unloaded in the snow. To prevent this situation from happening again, we can determine that he added an automatic drying function to Peter’s costume in Spiderman: Homecoming.

12) The engines

After the battle in the Civil War and given his lack of speed, Stark decides to equip his armor with powerful engines. But he doesn’t stop there as he’ll be adding a parachute as well after the fall of Rhodey, who was hit by Vision. When he finally sees that his aiming system is damaged, forcing him to aim himself, he will opt for automatic aiming missiles.