These 12 memes from chapter 1012 are hilarious (spoilers)


The One Piece manga is currently at the height of the Wano Kuni arc. Lots of battles rage involving characters more powerful than ever. Every week fans watching the release via the scans are kept in suspense, and the theories, analysis and live reactions are rife on the YouTube section. Chapter 1010 already revealed the incredible transformation and new powers of Luffy and Zoro. Today we’re going to focus on the newest one – 1012 – and specifically the memes it covered. KAIZOKU OR NI … ORE WA NARU!

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1012. If you haven’t read it, we encourage you to stop reading.

one-part chapter 1002: Zoro in bad condition!

The Straw Hat crew’s adventures continue in Wan Land, and the chapter begins with a beautiful illustration of Kid on the cover. If this is a transition before further hostilities begin, we will remember Nami’s cry of rage. Indeed, the Tobiroppo Ulti woke the warrior who was slumbering in her after he had struck little O-Tama a violent slap in the face. No more room to escape, our dear thief is determined to knock them down.

What interests us today is poor Zoro’s state of health (see photo above). After his confrontation with Big Mom and Kaido, he had about twenty broken bones (according to Law’s diagnosis). Sanji is therefore forced to retrieve it, bandaged like a cross in bandages! It didn’t take more to spark the creativity of fans whose 12 best memes are now readily available to you.

# 1 just one last thing … before you go !!

Marimo box no. 2 with 100 pieces – “foam head” stumps

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7 strongest swordsman in the world – Vinsmoke Sanji

# 8th

Doflamingo: heh heh … what are you doing? Are you really going to fight Mihawk: I just want to gauge the real gap between this man and us. Mihawk: Sorry, but this is the smallest knife I have.

# 9

# 10

# 11

# 12