These 10 superhero drawings made by kids and transformed by artists are awesome

Who has never dreamed of seeing their favorite superhero draw like the adults did when they were little? Children are full of imagination and in these tight times it’s hard to believe that their little heads don’t pop up with ideas! You will see there are some forces that could prove useful in the world today.

Bring our heroes to life

The original idea came from the Best Kid Stuff team, who put together a team of 10 favorites. They then shaped their vision of the modern superhero and obviously portrayed their powers. After their work, the website designers redesigned the designs to form a super league. Forward, hero!

# 1 “Rosie the Rainbow Sparkle Covid Nurse” by Hannah (8 years old, England)

An expanded name for a health crisis that never ends: it makes sense! “Rosie the sparkling nurse Covid Rainbow”, at least that was what it took to save the world. When they say “Rainbow Cat Power!” Sings your cat named Shadow shoots rainbow rays at all manifestations of the evil virus. Then they are preciously “locked up” in their hair. The bonus? A companion kite named Spark.

# 2 oshh, “Ocean Saving Superhero” by Harry (11, England)

Health and safety, savior of the oceans. He is armed with intelligent weapons that can soak up plastic and convert it to oxygen. Thanks to his “rocket boots” he swims faster and walks along underwater caves. No waste escapes him!

# 3 “Super Doctor” (Super Doctora) by Helena (7 years old, Argentina)

You can say goodbye to the long hours in the waiting room or on Doctolib to make an appointment: Super Doctora feels the disease telepathically! In a flash, she lands on her flight board, equipped with a bag full of magical utensils. When you wake up, don’t panic! His assistant – a little fairy – will entertain you with lots of stories and jokes.

# 4 “Vanessa” by Viola (11 years old, Ukraine)

Do you need help ? Pray out loud. Vanessa will hear your call wherever you are. Thanks to its antenna, it can read minds, recognize dangerous situations and stop them immediately. Even though she doesn’t fly, she jumps very, very far. His clique of little elves and fairies accompanies him on every trip.

# 5 “Sheepman” by Wyatt (5 years old, England)

A mysterious farmer from England makes a wool jacket … neither one nor two, Sheep-Man is born! He protects the farm animals at the controls of his super tractor and next to his friend Lamb-Girl (gentle as a lamb). As? ‘Or what? Of course, by fending off aliens and other bad guys with wool shots!

# 6 “Sea Rescuer” by Elias (6 years, Greece)

The Savior of the Seas could work hand in hand with Oshh. Despite having super powers, he relies on an arsenal of gadgets to get the innocent out of the water! Among them: strong fins on arms and legs and a ray of light that emanates from his chest in the dark. Our hero also works in oceans, rivers and lakes.

# 7 “swashbucklerman” (super espadachin) by martin (8 years old, spain)

Supercar looks like two drops of water for the famous Zorro. He has two golden swords, the peculiarity of which is to return to their owner as soon as he is sent towards the enemy. Practically. You can also surround them and target them with powerful rays. Superbrighter cannot fly and has mastered acrobatics perfectly.

# 8 “andrey” by nadya (6 years old, Ukraine)

A very mysterious superhero. Andrey has a slogan: “Superpowers, come on!”, Which he yells at his buddy Mike in a very normal way. He can fly … and that’s about all we know. A little presumptuous hero!

# 9 “Crypton” by Jacob (10 years old, Filipino)

Crypton wears a stormproof lycra jumpsuit and can clone himself to save several people at once. Equipped with a teleportation clock, it can literally be everywhere at the same time. Her superpowers allow her to heal people like nature, get rid of pain and purify the air!

# 10 “super ice” (super hielo) by dante (5 years old, argentina)

Super Ice has one goal: to put out forest fires by throwing water bombs out of the air. Despite its icy body, it fulfills its mission and can “refrigerate” or even grow huge by simply drinking in the nearby river. He never leaves without his loyal companion, a giant ice dog that can shoot icy laser beams from his eyes. Tough.

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