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These 10 Pokémon Cards Were Banned by Nintendo (Part 2)

Many of you liked our presentation of some Pokémon cards banned by Nintendo and modified in the west, so we decided to present a second part that focuses a little more on the mechanics of the game than on the artworks of illustrators , which, as you have seen, can very often be a source of tension and controversy. If you haven’t seen our previous article, you can find it here. So get your binders out, maybe without knowing it you have these cards that Nintendo has now banned from their trading card game.

#1 magic dream

There is a world where Pokémon is not only a trading card game, but also a game in which two players compete in 1v1. Even though the popular joke is that nobody knows how to play Pokémon TCG, there is a large community of gamers. And as with all card games, there are card combinations that can be devastating when played together. This is the case with Magirêve, from the Sun and Moon expansion, which allowed you to draw an incredible number of cards, combined with the fact that the Night Stone card allows you to arrive quickly on the field. This is one of the maps recently banned for its power.

#2 Jujube and Zhuman

Even in the Standard format, which only features the latest released cards from its era, there’s a combination of cards that made control decks too powerful, Jujube and Zhuman, a card combination that was banned for being too powerful. , similar to Magicdream, forcing the opponent to lose the cards at the top of their library as well as their Benched Pokémon.

#3 Neo Genesis sneaker

We will talk about the Neon Genesis expansion several times in this article. For this first version, let’s turn to this Sneasel, which looks completely ordinary, apart from its absolutely overwhelming damage thanks to its “Baston” attack, which allows it to deal up to 140 points of damage per round from the second round of the game, remember that Charizard that sold for a ridiculous price only has 120 PV? This weak.

#4 Roigada Neo Genesis

While not immediately banned as Sneasel, Roigada was banned back in 2002 due to an on-card misprint that allowed her to use her Mind Game special ability from the bench. So whenever an opponent flipped a trainer card (which no one wanted on the playground), the Roigada’s controller could simply flip a coin and there was a 50% chance that the opponent’s trainer card would do nothing but bounce back up of the opponent’s deck, preventing them from moving any further. And of course you can also play several Roigada together…

#5 Forest of giant plants

A trainer card that has driven many players insane, it is so powerful. Garden lovers will rub their hands on it because this card allowed Grass-type Pokémon to evolve as soon as they entered the game. It seems trivial, but if you read the map below you will understand the problem a little better

#6 Future destinies in Tangalice

When we talk about combos, we generally like to talk about infinite combos in card games. That is, cards played together offer victory without the possibility of a backlash. This Tengalice combined with the Forest of Giant Plants above simply made it possible to empty the opponent’s field down to their last Pokemon and inflict defeat on them without the possibility of countering. Without the forest, however, Tengalice remains a rather weak card – and Pokémon -.

#7 Aeropteryx Noble Victories

Also like Tengalice and the Forest, the Aeropteryx map was banned as causing too many problems for its time by being considered “anti-game”. Why ? She simply prevents her Pokemon from evolving by playing cards from her hand, which is almost always the case in this game.

#8 the birthday pikachu

This is the only map in the game featuring the Part 1 Mew Ancient that has been locked in both Unlimited and Altered formats. If the Japanese text states that this card isn’t playable in regular games, the American version isn’t. This Pikachu, whose name you can change, allows you to increase the power of its attack if it’s your birthday. So smart players thought it would be a good idea to lie about their date of birth to increase the power of this card…

#9 Lysander’s trump card

This card was banned because it allowed to artificially extend the life of the parts. In other words, playing this card allows you to work your way into your deck without fear of losing because you can no longer draw, and moreover you can repeat the same cards while exhausting the opponent because your moves are too long. .

#10 Naked Mermaid?!

A card banned for completing its artwork! We didn’t keep it in part 1, but here it is. Given that the map, in its original Japanese version, depicts the character of Ondine naked holding a stari in her arms, we understand that it neither crossed the western limit nor was it reprinted, since many found the drawing too dark and serious find a game for kids. And as a reminder: Ondine is a minor. The design it will replace will be more family-friendly, with a squirtle drying Ondine’s tears to comfort her.

Did you like this article? Don’t hesitate to tell us your best experiences with Pokémon and this card game in the comments and maybe an Episode 3 will be considered! Otherwise, did you know that Netflix is ​​preparing a series on the Pokémon card market? Now yes !


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