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These 10 Pokémon cards have been banned by Nintendo

Card games have become a real phenomenon since the 2000s. If it’s Wizard of the Coast holding the palm of longevity with Magic: The Gathering, all of the following TCG (for Trading Card Game) now have their peculiarities. If some play it for competition or to meet up with friends, it is in fact Pokémon that holds the prize for being the most collectible card game, with many rare and expensive cards but also cards banned by the publisher for several reasons. Most of the cards presented here have never crossed the gates of Japan and can no longer be played because they are banned. So let’s take a look together at the cards you’ll never see again.

No. 1 the Lippoutou case

It shouldn’t surprise you that Lippoutou is in this ranking and that’s why we even start with him. This Pokémon has drawn a lot of criticism for being a racist caricature. Since the Holiday Hi Jinx episode, this Pokémon has changed its skin color from black to purple, and all previous appearances have been banned. This also applies to his Pokémon card.

#2 Maganon

One of the most recent art censorships comes from the 2013 expansion Dragons Exalted. The original art depicts a Maganon pointing his cannon towards the players. Rather menacing. This obviously didn’t please Nintendo, which is about to change so quickly.

#3 Sabrina’s ectoplasm

This change is hard to understand given the card’s Shine level, but the original artwork for Sabrina’s Gengar card featured the Pokémon in the background in front of a graveyard. An element that was deemed too dark for an audience made up mostly of children.

#4 Casinos

All cards and generally everything related to gambling in the Pokémon license have been banned. In the first generations, you could buy Pokémon there. The censorship here consisted of enlarging the original map so that it no longer looks like a casino, but more like a Pokemon arcade machine, which, remember, is intended for children.

#5 Ancient mews

A card that many will recognize very quickly, and you may have had it since it was a promotional item for the second Pokémon film. The card was designed to be fully playable in the TCG, but it’s written entirely in a runic alphabet, making it unreadable without an explanation alongside it. In order not to force players to come with printed hands, the map was blocked from Unlimited and Modified formats.

#6 Imakumi’s Doduo?

Are we getting into trouble with Imakumi’s Doduo? A card that was banned immediately after printing, and voluntarily as the card wasn’t designed to be competitively playable. The latter asks you to sing and throw it as far as possible. It’s mostly a promotional offer related to the musician Imakumi appearing on other Pokémon cards.

#7 the evil Tadmorv

Yet another forbidden card, and it’s very easy to see why just by looking at the Tadmorv’s lusty look at the original artwork. The latter stares under the girls’ skirts without any pressure, although the illustrator has always denied this claim. But that’s not all, since arriving in Europe the text has been changed. The English version stating that the Pokemon hit by the poison gas attack will be put to sleep instead of poisoned…

#8 Sabrina fingers you

Arena champion Sabrina is definitely in this ranking. This time it’s not her ectoplasm but herself that has undergone a few minor changes, some see a middle finger extended towards the player in the original art. The European illustration shows the trainer throwing her Poké Ball instead.

#9 Moo-moo milk at the source

A card was released in the HeartGold and SoulSilver edition, the Japanese artwork of which did not go beyond the country’s borders. We see a weeper drinking milk straight from the spring… but an artificial spring? held by a human? A dismembered cow? Incomprehensible enough to be banned and replaced with moo-moo milk glasses that are much more family-friendly and where no skim has been abused.

#10 Nosferato NAZI?

We don’t even need to explain why this card was banned for its artwork, so you might as well ask yourself if you can see what’s wrong in the image on the left. However, there is a note at the top left.

This article is a first part about forbidden Pokémon cards. If you know others, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments and maybe an episode 2 will see the light of day. And if not, you might be interested in this article about the TCG market.


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