these 10 overwhelmed characters haven’t eaten devil fruit


One Piece has some of the best fighters in its universe that has ever appeared in a manga or anime. Many of them owe this incredible power to the devil fruits. These little treasures, straight from the oceans, give extraordinary abilities and unimaginable abilities to those who consume them. This explains in particular that most of the main characters in the EiichirĊ Oda universe are users of Devil Fruits.

10 characters who didn’t need devil fruit to be overwhelmed

However, not all One Piece fighters had to consume a devil fruit to be overwhelmed. Some, through their mastery of haki, sword skills, or melee attacks, surpass or even surpass those who owe their strength to these legendary fruits. Here is a list of the best of them, sorted from weakest to most powerful.

We would like to point out that this classification in no way reflects the opinion of our editorial team. The order was predefined due to a vote on the Ranker site. It is then based on the opinion of thousands of manga and anime fans around the world. Additionally, this top is sure to evolve over time, but at the time of writing it was the closest.

10) Ben Beckmann

Much like his captain Shanks the Red, Ben Beckman is believed to have no powers emanating from Devil Fruit. However, it is still difficult to say what the pirate is really worth on a battlefield. What we do know is that Oda was able to sell us this character. According to Mangaka, Ben Beckman would be the smartest being in the One Piece universe.

In combat, Shanks’ second usually uses a flintlock pistol, which he prefers to hit his opponents with rather than shoot. If none of his abilities have been revealed to us, it is still assumed that he has mastered the haki of weapons. That would give us a good explanation of how he could have stopped Kizaru just because of his presence.

9) Kozuki Odes

When he was born, Kozuki Oden inherited incredible physical strength. This explains why the man has repeatedly chained important positions over time. He was part of the crew of Whitebeard, then Roger’s, in turn while becoming Kuri’s daimyo.

Kozuki Oden is a fan of two-sword combat. He even managed to create his own nitoryu. His particular style has made him a legend. In fact, Kozuki Oden is the only character who has never inflicted a wound on Kaido in his dragon form. For this reason alone, it is not surprising that it appears in this ranking. And that’s not all … In addition to his many unusual physical abilities, the daimyo was also a true master of the haki, as he had access to weapons and kings.

8) Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji is more than just a cook for the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also an exceptional fighter who has developed his own martial art based on his footwork. The nickname “Black Leg” comes from his name.

The chef has now largely perfected the techniques he learned at the side of Zeff. He is now able to ignite his whirling and wild kicks using the “devil’s leg” technique. And that, again, is only a tiny fraction of its power. Equipped with his “Raid Suit” outfit, Sanji can develop his true physical strength and even become invisible.

Sanji still has a lot of hidden talents. Although swords are not his weapon of choice, Zoro’s rival turns out to be an excellent swordsman. The hacker is also a powerful user of Observation Haki and, to a lesser extent, Weaponry.

7) Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is a master at handling the sword and, by the way, the second best fighter in the Straw Hat crew. From early childhood, this born fighter has been trained to become an exceptional swordsman. He usually fights with three blades, but also masters many techniques with two, one or nine sabers.

His skill and strength enable him to cut through absolutely anything and multiple opponents with a single blow. He also has three different types of hakis. Determined and overtrained, Zoro has established himself over time as one of the most impressive physical prowess fighters we have ever seen. Most of all, his iron will has enabled him to overcome the many obstacles on his path and make him one of the most feared swordsmen in One Piece.

6) Dracula Mihawk

Zoro is an excellent swordsman, but there are better ones than him. In fact, Mihawk is still considered the greatest fencer in the world to this day. We can say that he has become a standard in handling blades, especially not his mastery of Kokuto Yuro (his huge black saber). However, he also seems to be skillfully armed with the small dagger that serves as a collar (kogatana). With his blades, the swordsman is able to destroy entire fleets while maintaining his natural elegance.

Mihawk has shown what he’s capable of by taking on some of One Piece’s toughest fighters, including many swordsmen who have suffered devastating defeats. Zoro is one of those long lists of enemies Mihawk couldn’t stand up to. So he agreed to take him under his wing during the ellipse. For two years, the master of the sword revealed the keys to his disciple to perfect his mastery of haki and to become a better swordsman.

5) Silver’s Rayleigh

Retired today, Silvers Rayleigh remains as skilled a fighter as he was with his earlier exploits. The pirate, who was once considered the right hand man of Gol D. Roger, seems to have barely lost its luster. He will also teach Luffy to master the three Hakis, which makes us easily believe that he is a real expert himself.

A peerless fencer, Silvers Rayleigh has enough physical strength to compete with Navy admirals. According to Shakky, it is even 100 times stronger than all the Supernovas put together, as he admits in the Sabaody arc.

4) Rock D. Xebec

To say little is known about Rocks D. Xebec would be an understatement. However, what we can tell you about him is that the pirate was the captain of one of the most impressive crews in history. Besides, he was not lacking in strength himself. Back then, it was necessary to bring Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp together to finally defeat this formidable opponent. Since then, Rocks D. Xebec has been considered the most serious enemy the two have ever faced in their careers. Defeating him was exactly the big event that brought Garp to its climax.

Although the captain is often depicted with a saber, no one knows the extent of his strength and skill. However, we can tell you that at the time, Kaido considered him to be the only adversary who could withstand him.

3) Monkey D. Garp

Exactly, we told you about Garp and his exploits in the previous paragraphs, and now “The Hero of the Navy” is finally appearing on our rankings. So you already know how much our dear Luffy’s grandfather was a force of nature in his day.

And it must be said that it has lost none of its splendor! The former Vice Admiral in the Navy is still considered one of the strongest characters to ever appear in One Piece. He is so powerful that he is recognized as one of the few beings who can stand up to Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard.

“Garp La Poigne” is famous in the pirate world for the disproportionate power of his blows or his mastery of haki. His physical abilities are such that he can fire cannonballs even more violently than a real cannon itself.

2) shafts

Although he had never tried a devil fruit, Shanks dit Le Roux managed to rise to the title of Imperator of the Seas, one of the four most notorious and powerful pirates in the world in One Piece. That then says a lot about his potential and the heroics he was able to accomplish.

Shanks’ fighting skills are still relatively unknown for the time being. However, due to his title and the prestigious enemies he had to face during his adventures, such as Whitebeard or Kaido, he is said to be a force of nature.

As you would expect, Shanks has a perfect command of all three types of haki. The pirate is also a swordsman good enough to become one of Mihawk’s strongest rivals. He is also often depicted with his favorite weapon, a sword called a griffon.

1) Gol D. Roger

Through this ranking, we’ve introduced you to some of the biggest piracy names from the One Piece universe. Still, none of the previously featured Gold Roger makes it in terms of popularity. This legendary character is considered the king of the pirates, the only one who never conquered the Grand Line and is responsible for the golden age of piracy.

Hence, he is considered by his cronies to be the most powerful pirate ever. At the moment, his fighting skills can only be predicted as he has never actually been seen fighting. However, we do know that his mastery of the sword was so advanced that he was able to defeat Kozuki Oden in one blow, which we told you about in ninth position on this ranking.

We also know that Gol D. Roger has a perfect command of two different types of haki. This enabled him in particular to level the playing field with Whitebeard and his incredible devil fruit at the time. The Pirate King was also the sworn enemy of the powerful and legendary fighters mentioned above, such as Garp or Rocks D. Xebec.

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