these 10 games that will make the noise on your console unbearable

The PS4 was released on November 15, 2013 and has over 5,000 games. In 8 years of her life she has swallowed a number of very different games, from small indie games to large productions. The latter are also very greedy and let us know during the download, but also while reading after a few minutes while our machine spits out their lungs.

Some AAAs like God of War or Final Fantasy 7 Remake that exceed 80 GB installation are games that increase the requirements very much. So our good old PS4 Fat is lagging behind. While waiting for the PS5 to finally take power and for supplies to finally arrive, the PS4 is still reluctant. We have selected these 9 games for you that will make your machine roar as if a train were passing under your house.

God of War

Kratos changed the universes and submitted to Norse mythology, marking the beginning of a new arc in 2018. Regarded as one of the best PS4 games, God of War is representative of what the fourth console of the name can do in terms of production of technical prowess. But that has its price: the intoxicating sound of the fan, which suffers after a while. Next year, the second round with the second opus, God of War Ragnarok on Old and Next-Gen.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third part of Geralt’s Adventures was released in 2015 and has enjoyed a huge open world, lifespan and an equally high technical background. Obviously the game was greedy at the time and let our lying monolith know.

Grand Theft Auto V.

It is impossible not to mention GTA 5 in this ranking. If it accompanies the PS3 to the grave, it will participate in the birth of the PS4 when it comes out in September 2014, almost a year after its launch. A great test for the console that lets us know.

Red Dead Redemption II

Evidence here too. Red Dead Redemption II is one of the most performance hungry games on the PS4. Gigantic open world, cinematics, RDR2 is full of details. Even some PCs just can’t get over it.

The last of us 2

GOTY par excellence, TLOU2 is a very demanding game, and even a PS4 Pro feels it, which sometimes makes the console louder than an air conditioner.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Visually, Uncharted 4 is certainly one of the most beautiful games so far. If that statement is over with the release of the next Triple A on PS5, the end of Nathan Drake’s adventures like God of War has shown what the PS4 was capable of. But unfortunately this manifests itself after a few minutes.

Final Fantasy 7 remake

Remake of the legendary Final Fantasy 7, FF7 Remake pushes the console to its limits, especially due to the many, sometimes high-end cutscenes and the quality of the modeling of the main characters.


As the youngest offshoot of From Software (while waiting for Elden Ring next year), Sekiro also received the Game of the Year award in 2019. However, many gamers have complained about the sound the console makes while reading.

Dark Souls 3

The award-winning Darks Souls 3 released in 2016 made the console work hard. The game caused some slowdowns, but also an unpleasant noise of a fan running at full speed for many players.

Days passed

Last but not least, Days Gone can also make your console very hot, in part due to the large number of zombies on the screen at the same time.

What do you think by your side Do not hesitate to suggest the video games that bothered you the most so that you have to keep putting on your headphones all the time.

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