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These 10 Awesome Pop Culture Easter Eggs You Missed Out On

In theaters since Wednesday, Free Guy, directed by Shawn Lévy and worn by Ryan Reynolds, pays tribute to many elements of popular culture such as popular films and video games. For example, Chris Evans’ Captain America appears through a cameo, as does Hugh Jackman. In an interview with Comicbook, Ryan Reynolds reveals a little more about the Easter eggs in the film.

Warning: This article contains information about the Free Guy movie and its many Easter eggs. Don’t continue your article if you don’t want to read it.

a PNG in a multiplayer game

After many delays caused by the pandemic, the comedy Free Guy, in which Ryan Reynolds is the protagonist, was released in France two days ago. The plot follows Reynolds as Guy, a PNG in a world of a multiplayer game, who begins to realize that he can influence the world and its inhabitants. Shawn Lévy’s feature film has many references to video games and pop culture. There are appearances that you must have noticed, such as that of Chris Evans, who reacts to Guy towards the end of the film using Captain America’s shield. However, there are other more subtle Easter eggs that you may have missed. So let’s get 10 Easter eggs that you probably didn’t notice in Free Guy.

# 1 fortnite

In and of itself, it’s not necessarily surprising that Fortnite has multiple references in Free Guy. In a short time, Guy has become an extremely popular game, especially with the youngest. This is how the iconic “float” dance appears and is performed by one of the Free City players.

# 2 Star Wars

In his final fight with Dude, he seriously bolstered his arsenal by not only drawing a lightsaber, but also blocking one of the hits with Captain America’s shield.

# 3 portal and half-life

Publisher Valve may have lost its luster in recent years, but the fact is that it developed great cult video games like Portal and Half-Life in the 2000s. That’s good because they appear in the movie. During the fight between Guy and Dude, one of the two pulls a tractor beam weapon from the second episode of Half-Life to fight the doppelganger. A portal cannon is also present and was seen in the hands of Millie / Molotov Girl while she was monitoring the mysterious Free City complex.

# 4 lara croft

Millie’s Molotov Girl’s avatar is thanks to Tomb Raider protagonist Lara Croft, an Overwatch-like shooter. McCree makes an appearance, as does a portal weapon such as was popularized by the Portal franchise.

# 5 mega-buster

When Guy and Millie face a gang of enemies who have resurfaced, Guy pulls out a gun resembling Mega Man’s legendary blaster.

# 6 ready player one and truman show

Free Guy is also inspired by the film Ready Player One through various visual aspects. In addition, the plot is also reminiscent of The Truman Show, which tells the story of a lucky man who will turn his life upside down when he learns that he has been trapped in a completely fictional world since childhood and where it is through one entertaining program seen by millions of viewers.

# 7 pac-man

Ex-developer Keys is still passionate about vintage video games in the real world. He has a Pac-Man hologram in his apartment.

# 8 famous streamers

Yououtubers are an integral part of society today, especially those who specialize in gaming. As a source of mutual help, relaxation and, above all, as an orientation aid for many players, streamers are therefore the focus in Free Guy. Some of them respond this way to Guy’s unexpected takeover in video games, like Ninja, Pokimane, and Jacksepticeye.

# 9 Deadpool and Avengers

Keith, one of the streamers, has movie posters on the walls of his bedroom. Avengers: Infinity War, Rick and Morty, and a certain Deadpool are in the spotlight. Note that Deadpool is also played by Ryan Reynolds. A wink that is obviously not trivial.

# 10 Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman …

The two actors both appear in Free Guy. Chris Evans doesn’t play Captain America but himself, and he reacts in surprise after seeing Captain America’s shield being used by Guy to fend off Dude’s blows. Hugh Jackman is also in the game. He appears as a masked man killed for asking too many questions about the information a mysterious woman was looking for. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, plays the role of a bank robber while Tina Fey is Keith’s mother.

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