There’s a new reality show on Netflix about a family from an ultra-Orthodox community

There’s a new reality show on Netflix about a family from an ultra-Orthodox community

Julia HAIR is the protagonist of “My Unorthodox Life”, which debuted this week with 9 episodes on the streaming platform.

“My Unorthodox Life” has 9 episodes.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities have been heavily targeted in pop culture in recent years. In the past decade, several memoirs of women who have left the community and all of the restrictions that come with them have been published. Such is the case with Leah Vincent’s “Cut Me Loose”; and “Treyf” by Elissa Altman.

Then film and television. In 2017 “Disobedience” celebrated its premiere, a film with Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz about two lovers from this community. Next up was the Netflix documentary Um de Nós, which told several real stories of people who tried to escape this way of life.

The same streaming platform relied on the worldwide transmission of “Shtisel”, an Israeli production about local ultra-Orthodox Jews; and then came the miniseries “Unorthodox”, based on the autobiographical book by Deborah Feldman, which became a huge success and had actress Shira Haas as protagonist, who had already excelled in “Shtisel”.

This Wednesday, July 14th, another chapter of this universe will appear – although this one is very different. It’s called “My Unorthodox Life” and is a kind of reality show that follows the life of Julia Brille. At 50, she is a stylist and businesswoman and CEO of Elite World Group, the famous company that manages and manages modeling careers.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that Julia Brille left the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, the lifestyle she always had, the husband with whom she shared a life. “My Unorthodox Life” follows several adventures from the familiar everyday life of Julia Brille and in the meantime contextualises her previous experiences.

Julia Hair lived in Monsey, New York, and was a housewife whose job it was to do the housework, look after her four children, wore wigs and had to be submissive to her husband – although Yosef on the show like a friendly and even open-minded even though they were abandoned.

She got her current job with the Elite World Group through her new husband, the millionaire Italian businessman Silvio Scaglia Brille (who took his wife’s nickname). And Julia is determined to catch up on everything that she could not do in her youth: She wears unusually short clothes and, for example, talks a lot about sex.

Julia’s children are an important part of “My Unorthodox Life”. The oldest is Batsheva. She is 27 years old, grew up in the community and married the ultra-Orthodox Jewish boy Ben when she was 19. Julia left the community shortly after the wedding, creating tensions in the mother and daughter relationship that are still being resolved and highlighted in this production.

The second oldest son is 24-year-old Shlomo, who is preparing for his law degree (and also for the world of dating). Miriam is the third child. She is 20 years old, a feminist and technology connected, and she is bisexual. The youngest, Aron, is 14 years old and still lives with his father in Monsey. Hence, all of these people adhere to the ultra-orthodox Jewish rules at different levels, which also leads to some conflicts and many doubts.

Although Julia regularly says that she hates fundamentalism, not religion, it is clear that she wants her children not to follow the religious beliefs and habits they grew up with.

Miriam is completely freed from this life, Batsheva and Ben are confused about when to start having children (if they followed the rules carefully, they should have started years ago) and Shlomo and Aron, perhaps because they are boys and there are fewer restrictions on their freedom, they still have one foot in and one foot out.

The season consists of nine episodes. Click on the gallery to find out more about what’s new in TV and streaming platforms.

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