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There is no “Big Brother” gala on Sunday – because of the elections

There is no “Big Brother” gala on Sunday – because of the elections

The live broadcast has been postponed. Contestants can leave the house to vote, accompanied by an element of production.

It’s delayed by two days.

TVI had already confirmed that the Big Brother Famosos candidates would be able to leave the house on Sunday 30 January to take part in the general elections. Now the television station announces that for the same reason there will be no live broadcast of the show that day.

The reality show gala is rescheduled to Tuesday February 1st. The weekly celebrations will return to Sundays starting February 6th. Participants can vote on Sunday, accompanied by part of the production and in compliance with the security measures in force related to Covid-19.

At the moment, the remaining contenders in the game are Bruno de Carvalho, Catarina Siqueira, Jaciara Dias, Jay Oliver, Jorge Guerreiro, Kasha, Liliana Almeida, Mário Jardel and Marta Gil. “Big Brother Famosos” premiered on January 2 and has boosted TVI viewership — particularly on Sunday nights when SIC’s “Hell’s Kitchen” hasn’t caught on. Hugo Tabaco, Laura Galvão, Leandro and Nuno Homem de Sá are the contestants who have already left the reality show.


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