There is already a streaming platform for e-books and audio books in Portugal


There is already a streaming platform for e-books and audio books in Portugal

Kobo Plus e_LeYa launched this Friday, April 23rd. It provides access to more than 8,000 books in Portuguese.

Correct this name: Kobo Plus e_LeYa. This is the name of the country’s largest e-book and audio book streaming platform. It was launched on Friday April 23rd and has the potential to completely change the Portuguese’s relationship with books. The new platform emerged from a partnership between the editorial group LeYa and Rakuten Kobo and already has more than 8,000 e-books in Portuguese that you can read as many as you like, e.g. B. when watching series or movies on Netflix or HBO.

In addition to e-books in Portuguese, there are more than 700 audio content – also in Portuguese – between audio books and podcasts. If you want to read the works in the original language, the range is even bigger: 599,000 e-books and 94,000 audio books in English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and several other languages. Books available with the Kobo Plus e_LeYa subscription range from novelties to bestsellers, including classics and the most popular books of all time.

Kobo Plus e_LeYa receives new books frequently and has been available since Friday.

The first 30 days of subscription are free. If you want to continue to have access to the platform afterwards, you will have to pay. There are three possible monthly subscription packages: one with all e-books for 5.99 euros per month; another with all audiobooks for the same price. Alternatively, you have the complete package with access to all e-books and audio books for 7.99 euros per month.

The platform can be accessed through the bookstore or the website. The subscription process is simple. Cancellation is free and can be done at any time.