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There is a new publishing company in Portugal – and it will only publish books by women

There is a new publishing company in Portugal – and it will only publish books by women

Aurora Editora was founded by Book Gang founder Helena Magalhães.

Curator is Helena Magalhães.

It’s called Aurora Editora and it’s the new seal of the Infinito Particular group – the aim is only to edit works by female authors from Portuguese and international literature, who often don’t have as much fame or possibilities in the medium.

The project was brought to life by the founder of book club and digital bookstore Book Gang, Helena Magalhães, who has previously collaborated with Infinito Particular. The author will also be responsible for editorial curating of Aurora.

The idea is to bet on new Portuguese authors, but also to translate works by foreign writers. “I’ve been very vocal about opening the market to new female voices and about promoting reading through modern and topical books that appeal to today’s generations. This is what I will be working on at Aurora Editora and I feel privileged to have trusted myself for this and for this challenge/dream I have in my hands,” wrote Helena Magalhães on Instagram.

“I’m the curator of the entire editorial side (here I bring here international books that I think can have an impact on the market by attracting new readers; and of course introducing new Portuguese authors) and creative (AS COVERS!!! ! artworks),” he added.

The first release will be in February. “It was one of the readings that got me the most excited last year and I know it’s in high demand in Portugal and won’t disappoint. It is an honor to be able to launch Aurora Editora with this timely novel, thought-provoking and dialogue-inspiring.”

This is The Best Years, the first book by Kiley Reid. The story centers on a black babysitter who is accused of kidnapping a white child – although she has committed no crime.


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