There is a new Portuguese platform where you can buy and sell used books

There is a new Portuguese platform where you can buy and sell used books

Ramalhete was launched in early 2021 to make the process easier for anyone looking to share reading experiences.

It was years of exchanging messages and sending evidence through buying and selling platforms that eventually led Rita Godinho, 27, and Nuno Almeida, 26, to get enough of a long and unreliable process. On January 13th, this couple of lovers of literature in Portugal launched an online store that ensures a simple, legitimate and reliable process for those looking to buy and sell used books.

“We currently have around 500 books and 230 registered users, a number that is increasing every day,” the couple told NiT. After a long search, they founded Ramalhete to make life easier for all Portuguese who want to venture into the world of used books. There is no exchange of messages between buyers and sellers, shipping addresses or bank account numbers. The entire process takes place automatically as in any conventional online shop.

Rita and Nuno report that our country did not yet have an automated website for selling used books: “Everything was very similar, and although there were many platforms for buying and selling used goods, they all followed the same process.”

The goal, they say, has always been to have your own business. In January 2017, frustrated with the job market in Portugal, they decided to go to Dublin, Ireland, where they stayed for two years. There they found a bookstore selling used books and were amazed at the difference in price compared to a new book. “We decided to always buy this way,” they recall.

They packed up and moved to Luxembourg. After a year, they decided to return to Portugal in May 2020 after an international period during which they gained the technical knowledge and financial freedom necessary to put into practice the original goal: starting their own business.

“When we got back we started selling some books that we had collected over the years, but all of the processes were manual, time consuming and sometimes frustrating,” they continue.

So they decided to start Ramalhete. In addition to the hundreds of books and users that you will find on the platform, old editions sometimes appear there, such as a work by José Saramago published in 1986.

The minimum sale price is € 2, a value based on the fees charged by the payment processor. “In addition, the price is set by the buyer.”

Rita comes from Santa Maria da Feira and Nuno from Vila Pouca de Aguiar, where the two now live. They studied at the universities of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, where they met. You, communication science; he, economy.

Rita likes romances and thrillers; On the other hand, Nuno varies between fiction and non-fiction. Among their favorite authors, they highlight big names in Portuguese literature: Eça de Queiroz, José Saramago, Inês Pedrosa, Afonso Cruz and José Rentes de Carvalho are on the list.

In Ramalhete the books are separated by the subjects of fiction, non-fiction, English and other languages. You can also search by publication name or author if you want. Anyone looking to get rid of their old books just needs to create an account and follow all of the simple steps under “I want to sell!” Are given. the platform.

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