There is a new cultural project to visit in the Mercado do Rato

There is a new cultural space for new artists that you need to know about in the Mercado do Rato

THE SPACE. It was inaugurated on May 6th and is said to shake the artistic panorama.

Point to this name: PRAÇ.A. – the pole of the cultural and artistic environmental change. It is located in the Mercado do Rato in Lisbon and opened on May 6th. It is the result of a partnership between the association Pousio – Arte e Cultura and the social business Dona Ajuda, part of the Boa Vizinhança association. The aim is to give new artists space to let their imagination run wild.

The artists have access to several materials that were donated to Dona Ajuda and that can be worked on in one of the rooms within the market. The creations can then be turned into exhibitions, but also works of a musical, performative or literary nature.

With the project already started by Dona Ajuda, which even carefully organized its used pieces for sale and had to extend to a second wing of the market to respond to donations, and the exchange of experiences that Pousio also promotes internationally, this new artist is Die Residenz should also show that there is culture everywhere and that anyone can be an artist who helps and complements each other.

Partners such as the Food Bank, Fruta Feia, Tampinhas and Green Cork have also participated in this new project. In addition, of course, everyone is welcome. The more the better.

📯 SAVE THE DATE🤝 Boa Vizinhança Associations [Dona Ajuda] and POUSIO have teamed up to start a new project, and with it …

Posted by PRAÇA on Monday 19th Apr 2021

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