There is a new bookstore to discover in Porto


There is a new bookstore to discover in Porto

Bibliofolia will give small authors and publishers visibility. It even has a garden and activities planned.

At a time when most young people – and not only – would rather watch films and series than read a good book, there is a noticeable decline in street bookshops. We are seeing more and more rooms close, owners unable to handle the business, and the pandemic that has made accounts even more complicated.

That’s why opening a bookstore is always good news. This is the case with Bibliofolia, the new bookstore of the Exclamação publishing house. It opened on July 5th on Rua Aníbal Cunha in the Cedofeita area and is meant to be much more than just a place to sell books.

“We felt that we needed a space that was open to the public, while at the same time Porto lacks bookshops. For this reason, we created this space where people can come and be, read and find works by small publishers or writers who have nowhere to show their work, ”reveals Nuno Gomes, owner of Editora Exclamação, NiT.

Opening this bookstore was an old dream that was postponed by the pandemic until it was decided that “it is impossible to wait any longer because life has to go on”. They took advantage of a room where they already had offices, made some changes and so this Bibliofolia was born for the public.

The building itself has two floors and a very simple decoration where the shelves with books stand out and where there is a corner with a sofa to sit and read, to give presentations or even to receive exhibitions. There is also a small garden here for reading and some future activities.

There is even a garden for reading

At the moment he can find the exhibition “Livros-Objeto” by Isabel Sá in the bookstore, which can be seen until the end of September. The exhibition built books out of pictures and tried to show that books can only be objects or much more.

“We focus on poetry, fiction, art, science and children’s literature. Above all, and although we also have large publishers, we will concentrate on marginal literature that doesn’t exist elsewhere, from small publishers and authors, from lesser-known classics to new names. “

In addition to this bet, an emphasis is placed on Brazilian and African literature and a literary reading and film club is founded. Small workshops for children and others on topics such as binding or printing are also planned for the coming months.

“We have a clear vision that this is a risky project, but we think that people are tired of the digital, there will be a trend reversal and even the return to books has increased during the pandemic. The physical book won’t die and that’s our bet. We want to encourage reading and the younger generation to return to an engaging relationship with books. “

Inauguration of BIBLIOFOLIA, the new bookstore of Exclamação Yesterday was the opening of the bookstore, and the motto that dominates it …

Posted by Exclamation on Sunday 4th Jul 2021