There is a new book on musical culture and Portuguese colonialism

There is a new book on musical culture and Portuguese colonialism

It was written by Vítor Balenciano and will be presented on December 11th. Dino d’Santiago will be present as a guest.

A good suggestion for Christmas

This Friday, December 11th, journalist and critic Vítor Belanciano will present his latest book: “It cannot be stopped – Afro-Portuguese music, celebration, conflict and hope”. The event will take place at 6pm at the Lux Frágil in Lisbon and will be attended by António Pinto Ribeiro, Dino d’Santiago, DJ Marfox and Davide Pinheiro.

Edições Afrontamento’s book speaks of decolonization, but not from a political point of view. This time the focus is on culture and especially on music. It was here that the “conflicts and ambiguities or possibilities of post-colonialism” were felt most strongly.

This is a story made with contributions from the second and third generation of Afro descendants who have gained space in the national cultural panorama in recent years.

The context of this book arose from the research project Memoirs – Sons of the Empire and European Post-Memories, which analyzed the memories of the children and grandchildren of the generation that went through the decolonization processes of the areas dominated by Portugal, France and Belgium in the African African Continent.

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