There are many famous teachers in this new music school – Rui Reininho is one of them


There are many famous teachers in this new music school – Rui Reininho is one of them

The Atlantic Music Performance Institute was inaugurated this month in Matosinhos. It is a project by the musician and teacher Sandro Norton.

Sandro Norton is responsible for the project.

On October 1st, World Music Day, the Atlantic Music Performance Institute (AMPI) in Matosinhos was officially inaugurated. It is a mega music academy with different aspects and instruments, which has a very specific and appealing motto: “We build careers”.

The idea was conceived for almost five years by Porto musician Sandro Norton, one of the most respected Portuguese guitarists and jazz specialists. In addition to projects in his own name, he has worked with musicians such as Jethro Tull, Gary Burton, Luís Represas, Maria João and Jorge Fernando, among others.

Sandro Norton, who also teaches at the University of Arkansas in the US and schools in the UK, has always had a penchant for teaching music. He has been teaching private or group classes in the Porto area for several years, but explains to NiT that the studio is already “overcrowded” and that there are no more schedules.

He decided to take a step forward and open this private institute – which wants to be much more. “The idea of ​​opening an academy came about in order to develop my own teaching method – idealized and further developed over the years and which had a little to do with my academic path. I studied in London and in the USA, where I had the opportunity to learn from great masters of music. Several of these methods approached the idealization of a pedagogical method that I began to put into practice, ”says Sandro Norton.

The aim has always been to attach great importance to the practical and performative part. “Students are much more motivated when they are at an institute where they constantly have this performative part.”

Sandro Norton presents AMPI as a modern music academy adapted to the job market. “Today’s musician has to adapt to the mainstream. And that’s knowing how to play on TV, being a studio musician, being an orchestral musician, knowing how to play in a band, learning to read music, knowing how to play blues, rock, funk, R&B plays… involve the student in the preparation. Basically, this school is an incubator for musicians because it prepares them for today’s world. “

It is a school for students of all ages, “from three months to 80 years”, although the vast majority of students are between 16 and 25 years old. There are people who want to build a career in music. All teachers are experienced in the field and most are professional musicians.

The building comes from the Porto Canal.

Rui Reininho will teach creative writing. Manuel Marques teaches the saxophone. Cláudio César Ribeiro teaches guitar. Tiago Simões teaches piano and musical training. Francisca Pinto Machado will play the violin, Ana Seixas will sing. Mário Barreiros and Flávio Medeiros give musical productions. David Richard Okkerse will teach guitar and Carl Minnerman will teach bass and music theory. There will also be classes for babies.

Also, as Sandro Norton explains, some international teachers will be teaching online. “I’m going to have an arrangement teacher who orchestrated Tomb Raider, we’re going to be teaching Grammy winners. Soon we will also be holding regular workshops with Portuguese and international artists. “

AMPI’s premium model is a full four-year course. A conservatory model is also planned, and from 2022 there will be bachelor’s and master’s degrees that will be established through partnerships with international universities. Students can take private or group lessons depending on how much they want to invest.

Ten classrooms and eight rehearsals

One of the most important elements of the new academy is the facilities that are located in the old building on the Porto Canal in Matosinhos. “You are top notch. My main goal was to work in a place that matches the image of my student days in London and the United States. “

The building has five floors with ten classrooms, eight rehearsal rooms, recording studios and several equipped rooms. There is a special room for drums, one for guitars and one for pianos. “All the necessary conditions so that not only the teacher feels happy, but also the student feels in a musical space.”

The in-depth work took two and a half years and Sandro Norton himself was the “plant controller” of the project.

There are special rooms for different types of instruments.

Space “open to the community”

AMPI is supposed to be an open school. “It has two missions: to teach at a high technical level, but also to create a community. From November we will be holding jazz workshops and jam sessions. On Tuesday we have the Brazilian night, Bossa Nova. ”The events will be public.

In addition, the fitness studio has a café-bar and is also intended to function as a “cultural center”. The inauguration was on October 1st, several tests had already been carried out beforehand. Sandro Norton reveals that he has already recorded songs for Jorge Fernando and Fábia Rebordão there. A record “for one person in the United States, winner of 15 Grammys” is due to be recorded there soon. “However, there are more and more people who plan recordings and rehearsals.”

As far as students are concerned, this “year zero” is progressing well and the teachers’ timetables are starting to be put together. AMPI is also available to host corporate events and team building events – where employees of a specific company can try out recording an album. All information about the application and the institute can be found on the official website of the project.