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Therapy, pressure and suicide overshadow the strange death of Michael Madsen’s son

Therapy, pressure and suicide overshadow the strange death of Michael Madsen’s son

The actor’s son committed suicide at the age of 26. Despite “no sign of depression,” Madsen urges the army to investigate.

“I love you Dad,” was the final message Michael Madsen shared from his son Hudson, who passed away on Monday, January 24. Five days after the quake, the 64-year-old actor spoke publicly about the incident.

“I’m in shock because I spoke to my son a few days ago and he was happy,” Madsen said in a public note. The 26-year-old Hudson is said to have committed suicide.

The actor, who rose to fame for being one of Quentin Tarantino’s most trusted men, revealed he found “no signs of depression.” “It’s so tragic and sad, I’m still trying to understand everything and figure out what happened.”

Hudson’s death has been confirmed by Hawaiian authorities. “I can confirm that Hudson Lee Madsen died in a suspected suicide from a gunshot wound to the head on the island of Oahu,” said the coroner for the city where Madsen’s son lived with his family.

Hudson was in the military, a sergeant in an infantry division, and had recently returned from duty, having also spent time in Afghanistan before the U.S. Army withdrew from the country entirely. He lived with his wife, Carlie, at the Schofield base in Hawaii.

“He faced typical challenges organizing his finances, but he wanted to start a family,” explains the father. “I was excited about the future. It’s incredible. I can’t understand what happened.” The note ends with a request for “privacy and respect.”

Far from the public eye, Madsen even asked the military to investigate his son’s death, as he was suspected of being a victim of internal pressure in the army for allegedly attending psychological therapy consultations. Even after the father claimed Hudson was happy and showing no signs of depression.

Family history is not without problems. In 2012, Madsen was arrested by police after he was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with one of his sons, whose name has not been released. The actor was taken to police station and was “apparently drunk” after someone at the apartment called 112. Hudson, then 16, is believed to have been involved in the altercation. Calvin, 14, and Luke, 6, also lived in the home.

The son showed signs of aggression, but without seriousness. According to Madsen’s attorney, Perry Wander, the actor “found his son smoking weed,” which led to an argument.

At 64, Michael Madsen is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite actors, who is also Hudson’s godfather. He made his debut as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs before taking on the role of Budd in both chapters of Kill Bill. In The Hateful Eight, he returned to the director’s direction.


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