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their flight with the Patrouille de France annoys some internet users

The theft of McFly and Carlito from a Patrouille de France plane during the July 14th parade is a very controversial event on the Internet. We come back to this promise, which resulted from an anecdotal competition against the President of the Republic to the two Youtubers.

Emmanuel Macron’s Promise

The anecdotes competition between Emmanuel Macron and McFly and Carlito ended like this: The President had asked the two Youtubers “to board the Patrouille de France plane”, and the two Youtubers had asked the President to put a frame with a photo of themselves on it to place the presidential desk, which was to be seen during the July 14th address.

After their bet with Emmanuel Macron, McFly and Carlito (Davis Coscas and Raphaël Carlier) are preparing to take a seat on a Patrouille de France plane during the national holiday on July 14th. The two Youtubers had previously admitted that they would “certainly wreak havoc” after this experience. It must be said that the two men will embark in Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France, as agreed, and will therefore have the honor of flying over the Champs-Elysées.

If this event is now confirmed, the president’s promise to reveal a photo of the two comedians at his annual address may not be fulfilled. Given the current sanitary conditions, some suspect that the president will ultimately not comply with the request of the two Youtubers under threat of sharp criticism. We’ll find out on July 14th. By Wednesday, internet users had already given their full coverage on the official announcement of McFly and Carlito’s flight with the Patrouille de France, and the least we can say is that some of them are particularly scandalized by the event.

Scandalized internet users

Some internet users on Twitter expressed outrage that McFly and Carlito would actually board a Patrouille de France plane during the national holiday:

So far from me the idea of ​​taking part in the #McFlyEtCarlito controversy, BUT it seems to me that after 18 months of pandemic other people (happened to be in white coats or cashier uniform) would only honor two holes.
But that’s just my feedback.

July 12, 2021

A thought of these outstanding men who were after a hyperselective workout without a straight pass

* Be a fighter pilot

* then stronger, join the Patrouille de France

everything at a low price

Are 2 minus imposed for # 14Juillet:


July 12, 2021

#McFlyEtCarlito with all air and space enthusiastic Youtubers we have to type bibite and cuckoo ?? … I don’t know, invite amixem nozman astronogeek ect, people who will have something interesting to say about not just screaming like idiots ….

July 12, 2021

To thank those who got the country up and running during the pandemic:

For example, can we not offer a flight with the Patrouille de France to a nurse, a cashier, a grocery worker and a garbage collector instead of Youtubern? #McFlyEtCarlito # 14Juillet pic.twitter.com/Wfy69WMEnW

July 12, 2021

When you can no longer distinguish Figaro and Gorafi. #McFlyEtCarlitohttps: //t.co/WtUTEl2Jkt

July 12, 2021

For the # 14juillet interview, #mcflyetcarlito will answer journalists’ questions while @EmmanuelMacron will frolic in the Elysée Gardens.

July 11, 2021

Incredible …. # McFlyEtCarlito with the Patrouille de France … damn it … the Patrouille de France … we have nothing better for these 2 heroes of the nation? … poor France. And first there is q1 McFly … just a pic.twitter.com/w4usk5o8N6

July 12, 2021

Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Here we are! #Macron #mcflyetcarlito # 14juillet https://t.co/2NBarhoN3z

July 11, 2021

Other internet users, on the other hand, wanted to defend the two Youtubers:

It’s funny the controversy that exists with #McFlyEtCarlito who will be on a Patrouille de France plane, when it’s Denis Brognard no one says anything …

July 12, 2021

The #McFlyEtCarlito’s insults are terrifying. It is understandable that there are many reasons against PR. But the free vs vs insults sit on respect or vs just never got any ?? That bet is up for debate, but not with people like you.

July 12, 2021

You complain that paske #McFlyEtCarlito will be with the Patrouille de France on July 14th, but Tibo Inshape did it 2 years ago and you didn’t say anything, is the Corona burdening you so much?

July 12, 2021

Some choke on #hate, but as a reminder to get on board a # PatrouilledeFrance jet was the use of the cool bet #EmmanuelMacron put on the Youtubers #McFlyetCarlito https://t.co/AtrRUGAf2l

July 11, 2021

And you by your side, what do you think? We’ll let you answer this question through our survey as well as through our comment section. And if you want to get back into the fun of the anecdote competition in question here, you will find our previous top tweets, which relate the extreme reactions of internet users to this event.


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