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The YouTuber is very sad about his relationship with Squeezie, netizens react

Friendships, it goes, it comes, and it’s not Cyprien who will say the opposite. In fact, the Youtubeur just posted a video on social media explaining why fans won’t see the two acolytes in future videos.

“Squeezie Took His Life”

In a video posted to his Youtube channel this Sunday, February 13, Cyprien decided to tell us everything. When the young man took the opportunity to announce that he is now a father for the first time and that he is working on a feature film with Gaumont, what caused the most conversation among netizens when the youtubeur brought up the topic of his relationship with squeezeie

The duo, who created the Bigorneaux & Coquillages YouTube channel, haven’t performed together in a while and this question gets asked a lot: For what reason? Cyprien therefore decided to respond by stating that “they hadn’t performed once together for two and a half years”. And to further assert that Lucas, aka Squeezie, “took him out of his life”:

It wasn’t my choice. I think he wanted to develop without having me there.

Cyprien, who has no more news from Squeezie, admits that “it was hard to take” but that he has now decided “he’s coming back”:

Everything else is going well: I have my friends, my family, my projects.

An announcement that disappointed many fans of the two Youtubers, as you can see below with a selection of reactions to this news.

I’m outside, I ran away from the table. I can’t make it I can not. I’m crying all alone because whore Cyprien and Squeezie aren’t friends anymore and I feel like I’m dying.

February 13, 2022

When Cyprien talks about his relationship with Squeezie in his videos pic.twitter.com/KGtjbKO032

February 13, 2022

Cyprien and Squeezie were like THE duo of my childhood. i will cry i will be back pic.twitter.com/69X5VY6lYK

February 13, 2022

Waiting for the shit or they say it was a prank…ud83eudd72#Cyprien #Squeezie pic.twitter.com/xEBf3i2izz

February 13, 2022

Squeezie and Cyprien shake hands and kiss each other on the cheek, it’s over nonsense

February 13, 2022

Squeezie and Cyprien, another legendary duo breaking up pic.twitter.com/LFcrsEwtaB

February 13, 2022

us when we heard that #Cyprien is a father | us after hearing that #Squeezie took Cyprien out of his life pic.twitter.com/AZDEIxgNST

February 13, 2022


February 13, 2022

While you wait and see if Squeezie will decide to reconnect with Cyprien, you can always take a look at their mutual YouTube channel and see or check their declaration of friendship in the video titled “We make peace” created in March 2019 .


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