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The workshop that will customize your musical instruments in an incredible way

Domaine d’Anubis is the workshop for all fans of cinema, music and cosplay. It is a French handicraft workshop that offers the design and manufacture of a whole range of objects. And not just any object: the one of your dreams! And it can range from a simple role-playing accessory, a costume or a cosplay item, to personalizing musical instruments, in the style of steampunk to biomechanics.

In order to meet your needs, the workshop uses 3D printing techniques or laser engraving and is characterized by resin and woodwork. The artist behind Anubis is called Grégory and we also owe him the MP3 40k Deathwatch saga that we told you about in these top 10.

If you want to follow him on social media, you can subscribe to his Facebook page and Instagram account. He also shares his trade secrets on video on his YouTube channel.

Limitless customization of guitars

With regard to musical instruments, Le Domaine d’Anubis examines each request on a case-by-case basis and defines the manufacturing process with the buyer. After completion, the instrument is fully functional. The creations are made by hand, then painted and varnished. It’s also possible to go from a simple personalized painting project, through laser engraving and resin inlay, to completely transforming the guitar. We invite you to discover some of the creations of the following workshop.


To help cosplay enthusiasts, the workshop also creates cosplays. The project can range from making an accessory to creating a complete costume.

Decorative objects

The Le Domaine d’Anubis workshop also offers the production of decorative objects.


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