The woman who inherited Freddie Mercury’s fortune – and who knows where he’s buried


Freddie Mercury knew he was going to die. Weeks before his death, he entrusted the honor of collecting and saving his ashes to a woman who, according to his instructions, was to keep his whereabouts completely unknown. The man chosen by the king kept his remains in his old room for two years until he granted his last wish: he buried the ashes without ever revealing where he had done it. The puzzle remains to this day – and not even Mercury’s parents knew the address.

That woman was Mary Austin, who is still receiving millions today on behalf of Freddie Mercury. After all, he was his great heir and confidante.

This is one of the stories taken up in the latest (yet another) documentary about the legend of music. “Freddie Mercury: Inside His Mind” premiered on the Reelz platform this Sunday May 16 and focuses on the artist’s unique personality with the help of a famous psychiatrist and reviews from friends.

What few can explain is the secret of chemistry and the relationship that was forged between Mercury and Austin – which led the musician to trust him with almost everything in life; and leave almost everything to him even in death. In addition to the famous London mansion where the Queen’s member lived, he received much of his fortune and future income for the Queen.

Austin recently celebrated his seventieth birthday quietly and discreetly. He rarely gives interviews and has never revealed the secrets of his ex-companion and friend, although his identity has been in the spotlight again after the successful debut of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 2018.

The first date

They met a year before the Queen was founded in a clothing store where Austin worked. The Englishwoman was five years younger and born into a poor family in south London. Both parents were deaf.

Mercury became an up and coming artist but continued to live in a small apartment with Austin. They maintained their relationship as a couple for six years, although they had never married. “He was different from anyone I had met before. He was very confident. I never had a lot of confidence. We grew up together, ”Austin stated in 2000.

“When I was 23, Freddie gave me a huge box on Christmas Day. Inside was another box, and then another, another. It was one of his fun games. I finally found a jade ring in the last little box, ”Austin recalled in 2013 from“ The Daily Mail ”.

The Englishwoman, visibly confused, asked Mercury which hand to put the ring on. He pointed to the left and asked her to marry him. “I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting anything. I whispered ‘yes, case’.”

Austin says they lived life like they were a couple

You would never get married. The following years were globally successful for Queen, including the hit “Love of My Life,” which many still suspect was written with Austin in mind, but this fact has never been confirmed by him. Gradually the relationship cooled off.

The great conflict arises with the great revelation of the great secret that Mercury has kept: its homosexuality. “I’ll never forget that moment,” Austin said in 2013. “It was naive and it took me some time to understand what was happening. Then I felt good, he felt good, when he finally told me he was bisexual. But I remember saying to him, “No, Freddie, I don’t think you’re bisexual. I think you are gay “

The love affair ended, but not the intimate friendship they both had. When they split, Mercury bought a house in Austin and hired it as a personal assistant. And he bought a mansion next to that of his friend who would inherit it.

Austin continued to accompany the band and was the most important person in the group for Mercury.

Freddie’s death

The following years led Mercury into a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll that took a life away from Austin, though it was always his connection to the country. The British did not stand still either: she married and lived her life, although she had always accompanied the queen’s leader.

When Mercury was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, Austin was by his side, even with raising children and pregnant with his second child. Mercury was actually Richard’s godfather, the first.

Affected by the AIDS epidemic, Mercury became increasingly fragile and finally died on November 24, 1991. Next to him, of course, was Mary Austin – as always.

“When he died, I felt like we had been married. In the best and in the worst, in prosperity and poverty, in health and disease. It was impossible to get away from Freddie except in death, and even then it was difficult, ”Austin revealed years after his death.

Loyalty was not forgotten by Mercury in the will published in 1992. Austin left the Garden Lodge home where he died, worth more than 20 million euros, in addition to half of his entire fortune.

Plus, Austin would be entitled to a percentage of future copyright revenue. This means that he was entitled to part of the profits from “Bohemian Rhapsody” or the musical “We Will Rock You” among many other moneymakers.

It didn’t make your life any easier. “The months after Freddie’s death were the loneliest and most difficult of my life. It took me a lot to accept that he was gone and left me so much, ”he revealed.

Mercury was the godfather of Austin’s first child

The will surprised Austin, but also the musician’s friends and family, who had never understood the reason for the decision. Even before she died in 2016, Mercury’s mother publicly announced that she was at peace with the situation.

“Mary was very nice and often came to our house to eat. I would have loved if they got married and had a normal life that they had kids. But even when they broke up, I knew she still liked my boy. They were friends until the end, ”he revealed to the Daily Telegraph. In terms of inheritance, it was eternal, “Why not? She was and still is like family. “

Austin still lives in the house where Mercury died, despite trying to convince him to turn it into a memorial before he died. It would eventually become a symbol for all fans who filled the walls with messages – and which Austin, at the request of the neighbors, cleaned up in a not uncontroversial decision.

The now 70-year-old millionaire is divorced after marrying twice. She is the mother of two children, Jamie and Richard, but Mercury still has a special place.

“I lost my family when Freddie died. Besides my children, he was everything to me. “