The Witcher and Spiderman tests show incredible load times

The new generation has promised us instant charging, on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Xbox has communicated a lot over the past few months about the lack of charging time for its console, but what’s really the facts? Does the PS5 keep all of its promises at this level? Here are two specific examples that will allow us to see more clearly.

Xbox series x MIT The Witcher 3

Microsoft had already made this speed a real selling point. In fact, the company recently revealed that The Outer Worlds game is capable of loading the S Series (the least powerful model, remember) onto Xbox One S in twelve seconds versus a minute.

More recently, another similar test was done, which is about The Witcher 3. The Xbox News account posted a report on Twitter for you to discover:

Usually you will see a loading screen. #Xbox SSD is so fast that the card loads before the loading screen.

November 2, 2020

The tweet from the Xbox News account explains very well what we just saw:

Usually you will see a loading screen. #Xbox SSD is so fast that the card loads before the loading screen.

The SSD is so fast that the game will load the card before the loading screen. Spectacular as The Witcher 3 hasn’t been optimized for the Xbox Series X yet, which lets us imagine what it is really capable of.

Ps5 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The PS5 is not left out. A video that appeared on Reddit gives us a glimpse into the power of the latter. In this video we can see that it takes Spider-Man: Miles Morales about seven seconds to get from the PS5 dashboard to the main menu of the game. After that, it only takes two seconds to go from the main menu to the start of the game. A real advance compared to our current technology!

Fast loading is due to the fact that the PlayStation 5 has a super fast SSD and not a regular hard drive. This means that all games load the same, which means everything is so fast. However, there are differences depending on the game being downloaded. Some will undoubtedly load more slowly, depending on their complexity or even the number of company logos the player sees before getting to the main menu. Yesterday in the day the Playstation site also gave us some details about Resident Evil Village and specifically the game’s loading time. The blog post in question tells us:

Fast Charge – Thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5 console’s super-fast SSD, you can pick up right where you left off with no loading time.

Enough to take a dip in the bathtub when the desire to play brings us in the middle of the night.

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