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What will happen with the Easter holidays? At the moment, the chance of this is small. In Germany, the hotels are still closed, quarantine requirements apply for trips abroad. Croatia offers a ray of hope.

Berlin (dpa) – Due to the increasing number of corona infections, the federal government has designated the whole of Greece as a corona risk area for the first time from Sunday.

For parts of Croatia – including the Istrian peninsula, which is very popular with holidaymakers – all access restrictions due to the pandemic will be lifted at the same time, as the Robert Koch Institute announced on the internet on Friday. Due to the particularly high number of infections, Hungary, Sweden and Jordan are classified as high-risk areas.

Greece is one of the few countries that has never been fully classified as a corona risk area so far. Recently, the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, Crete and the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece – including the popular island of Corfu – were excluded. As of Sunday, returnees from these regions must also be tested for Corona within 48 hours of entering Germany. They also have to be in quarantine for ten days, from which they can only get rid of a negative test after five days.

In Greece, the contagion situation had recently deteriorated. Although metropolitan areas such as Athens and Thessaloniki had long been closed, the number of new infections initially continued to rise. On Thursday, however, the Greek health authority reported slightly declining figures for the first time.

For Greece it is important to keep Corona under control, not least because of the main tourism sector. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been fighting for an EU-wide vaccination certificate for weeks to save the upcoming holidays. He emphasizes that tourists who have not been vaccinated are also welcome. However, in Greece there is currently a testing and quarantine requirement upon entry.

As a rule, the federal government identifies those states as risk areas where the number of new infections exceeds 50 per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days (incidence). As of Sunday, four regions of Croatia will no longer be part of it and the travel warning from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs will therefore be lifted. This makes Istria the only holiday region in Southern Europe where vacations without quarantine are possible after arrival or upon return. However, a negative corona test must be presented upon entry into Croatia.

Countries with an incidence of more than 200 are considered high risk areas. If you come to Germany from these regions, you must show a negative test upon entry. The US will be downgraded from high risk to risk area on Sunday. For travelers from Germany who are not US citizens, this is of little concern, as the US has an entry ban.

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