“The White Tiger”: the new addicting Netflix movie that was loved by critics

“The White Tiger”: the new addicting Netflix movie that was loved by critics

It has been compared to “Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?” Although there are many differences.

The film has more than two hours.

It’s called “The White Tiger” and it’s one of the most anticipated Netflix movies of recent times. It will open on the streaming platform this Friday, January 22nd, just in time for another weekend in custody. Outside, it was highly praised by experts.

This Indian production, spoken in English, is directed by Ramin Bahrani, a filmmaker who has made films such as “99 Casas”, “Fahrenheit 451” and “At Any Price” in the USA. It is an adaptation of the award-winning bestseller of the same title by Aravind Adiga that was released in 2008.

There are several references to “Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?” Danny Boyle’s famous film which also depicts the rise in life – and in Indian society – of a poor child. However, “The White Tiger” offers a much more realistic perspective and distances itself from a fantasy side of the film that started Dev Patel’s career.

The great protagonist is Barlam Halwai (Adarsh ​​Gourav) and it is his life that we follow over a little more than two hours of film. Although he is great at school, he has to leave school as a kid to allow his large family to survive.

He later manages to approach Stork, a rich man who acts as the feudal lord of the region where Barlam lives. The protagonist seems to have a natural instinct to put people on his side, praise them, and look good in front of him – there he is, a rare “white tiger” who only appears once in each generation in the big class downtown India .

Barlam later works for a modern, affluent Indian couple who recently traveled from America: Ashok (Rajkummar Rao) and Pinky (Priyanka Chopra).

However, the film doesn’t just tell his troubled journey from the bottom up. It is more than that. It focuses on the mentality of lower class Indians who constantly think like servants whose main aim is to serve and please their masters in a straightforward relationship of psychological subservience.

It is almost as if the vast majority of the population living in poverty constantly suffer from Stockholm Syndrome compared to their wealthy employers. And “The White Tiger” examines this phenomenon in India today, in the post-economic crisis of 2008 and even if there seems to be such a relationship between the country itself and others like China, Great Britain or the USA, who use their benefits to feed low-wage workers big millionaire company.

Balram embodies this submission of the poor to the rich and shows us how it is programmed to obey. Gradually, he deconstructs this aspect of his personality to realize that one day he wants to be a master too – and maybe become a tech entrepreneur. And that means you have to draw a fine line between compassion and calculation.

“The White Tiger” also examines corruption – on various levels – in Indian society. And how, even though there are no more castes, there is a huge gap between rich and poor that holds the country’s biggest problems.

After a night of betrayal in the company of bosses Ashok and Pinky, Barlam will realize how ready they can be to sacrifice him in order to save themselves. And at that moment, when he can lose everything, Barlam breaks free. But the best thing is to see the film.

Western critics have recognized the film for all of the subjects covered, for the character telling the story, and for the debut role of Adarsh ​​Gourav. It is mainly a satirical black comedy with parts of the melodrama in the middle.

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