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The WD Elements Desktop 14TB XXL External Hard Drive is a great solution to replace Google Photos

If you are looking for your own storage space after the announcement by Google to limit the storage space in the Photos app, you will find THE solution here! A 14 TB WD Elements Desktop external hard drive that you don’t have to compromise on if you want the highest quality storage!

WD Elements Desktop: an xxl capacity

Sad news from Google! Now, if you want to store at the maximum quality and take full advantage of Google Photos, you need to pick up your wallet and subscribe to Google One to expand your storage. If it’s a subscription, go for an external hard drive.

The Hitek surprise bag!

For only € 10 you can take home a mystery product worth at least € 15 to € 100: 2 TB hard drive, gaming keyboard, Iron Man Action Mk 85 figure, collectible figure and much more. More information here

The WD Elements desktop currently on sale has a capacity of 14 TB, on which you can store all your data, whether photos, videos, films, music or even your personal documents, without restrictions!

All you have to do to use it is plug it in, you’re plug and play and it’s Windows compatible. You only need to format it if you want to use it on Mac or Linux as it is in NTFS format.

Previously shown at 320 euros, it has just risen to 235 euros, a saving of 85 euros! And if you need storage space for your smartphone, we also have a great deal on a SanDisk microSD card.

Why are you being seduced?

How to stop using Google Photos and Drive Large storage capacity No restrictions

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