“The Water Man”: The new Netflix movie is a supernatural teen drama

“The Water Man”: The new Netflix movie is a supernatural teen drama

Opened this Friday, July 9th, is the first film by British actor David Oyelowo.

It’s called “The Water Man,” premiered on Netflix on Friday July 9th, and is a family drama with some supernatural elements. It is the first film by the British actor David Oyelowo (“Selma: The Freedom March”), who plays the father of this story.

The protagonist is Gunner (Lonnie Chavis), a creative and sensitive teenager who writes a graphic novel and immerses himself in his relative fantasy world while his parents grapple with their country life. Production started in the US state of Oregon.

His mother Mary (played by Rosario Dawson) is increasingly involved in the fight against the disease from which she suffers, leukemia. Approaching the real problems, but still all too present with his magical and innocent side, Gunner walks into his favorite fantasy bookstore to say, “I’ll need every book you have on leukemia.”

It doesn’t take long for the boy to find out about the “Aquarius” that is in the title of the film. It is a mythological creature, a local legend that is said to hold the secret of immortality. Hence it becomes the great hope of the act.

After learning more about the character from an eccentric man who lives in a remote place – Alfred Molina plays this character – Gunner meets Jo. She is a slightly older, rebellious Gothic-style girl whose life is in contrast to Gunner’s life.

If the protagonist grew up in a loving home and has a strong bond with their parents, Jo (Amiah Miller) has an abused past and comes from an entirely different background.

However, together they make the ideal couple to enter the forest where Aquarius lives, the remote wild horse. It will prove more and more dangerous the deeper the two penetrate into the undergrowth.

Her salvation will be Gunner’s father, Amos, a Navy veteran who doesn’t look for ways to find her. In between he will get closer to his son – who has a completely different personality and interests than himself, which led to a certain distance between them.

The cast also includes Jessica Oyelowo, Ted Rooney, Adam Dunlap, John Henry Whitaker and Daniel Vasic.

“O Homem da Água” is produced by Oprah Winfrey as executive producer and written by Emma Needell (who had previously only written short films). It takes an hour and 31 minutes.

David Oyelowo said he was inspired by films from his childhood – like “The Goonies”, “Willow – In the Land of Magic” or “Labyrinth” – to charge this story with magical realism.

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