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The Walking Dead is back, but the end of the saga is almost in sight

The Walking Dead is back, but the end of the saga is almost in sight

The series ends with the current 11th season, which is divided into three parts. Now the second premiere on television.

Daryl and Maggie will have different perspectives.

The ending of The Walking Dead was long and scattered. The 11th and final season of the series started in August 2021, but is divided into three parts of eight episodes – there are 24 chapters in total. The second part comes this Monday, February 21 on the Fox channel from 10:15 p.m. The third has no premiere date yet, but will be broadcast later this year.

The story continues with (more) one fight. This episode concludes the confrontation between Maggie’s group, Negan, Elijah, and Gabriel, and the Reapers. These villains invaded the village and killed many residents. They are led by Leah, Daryl’s ex-girlfriend who took over after the insane Pope was murdered. They seek revenge and survival.

On the other hand, after the invasion, there is also an enormous thirst for justice. Maggie is ready to murder all Reapers to eliminate the threats once and for all. Lead the people of Alexandria as they fight to get the resources of the Meridians that the Reapers just killed.

It is an action-packed episode with confrontations between the protagonists and the main characters of the Reapers. Of all of them, Brandon Carver promises to be one of the hardest to defeat. Finally, the return of The Walking Dead addresses the moral and existential dilemma that has been at the heart of the series for some time.

Should one try to kill the vanquished? Or let them escape with mercy and compassion? Regardless of the choice in each of the situations, the result is often identical. Either those who escape return to attempt a new attack, or the victims’ friends have a desire to avenge them and resurface. And the series even starts from this almost irrelevant moral choice.

It’s true that violence breeds violence, but in The Walking Dead’s post-apocalyptic world it was always portrayed as something inevitable. At the beginning of the second part of season 11, Maggie will end up overcoming her murderous instincts.

Daryl, on the other hand, is more sensible and merciful – and will act accordingly. It’s unclear where The Walking Dead’s narrative will go as it draws to a close, but it will certainly have more to do with the Commonwealth.

This dubious organization may be friendly and helpful in rebuilding Alexandria, while perhaps unreliable, but a twist revealed at the end of this episode – with a little time travel – will show that it’s not that simple.

“The Walking Dead” will end with the current 11th season, but the narrative universe continues. The Fear the Walking Dead spinoff is on its way to its eighth season. An anthology project called Tales of the Walking Dead is expected to be released this year, in which each episode will tell a different story centered around a different character. A spin-off centered on the story of Daryl and Carol has also been announced and is expected to be released in 2023.

In 2018, it was announced that there would be a trilogy of films starring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who starred in the first seasons of the series. However, not many details about this project have been revealed in the years following the announcement.

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