“The Voice Kids”: What I really like to see in this program are the reactions of the parents

“The Voice Kids”: What I really like to see in this program are the reactions of the parents

The chronicler and humorist Miguel Lambertini analyzes the new edition of the RTP program.

Simão Oliveira was featured in this issue.

“The Voice Kids” is the new Sunday evening program on RTP1, in which small children follow their love of music and the dream of one day being able to earn money with a microphone – preferably without going to a call center. Entertainment programs with children are always a winning bet, if they are talented children then even better.

I come from the time of “Sequim d’Ouro”, the first television competition for little singers, which was a classic at Christmas, and even today, 40 years later, I still don’t know what a sequim is. Recorded in Italy and with the original title “Zecchino D’oro”, the program catapulted little Maria Armanda, a Portuguese child, in 1980, who took first place with her interpretation of the theme “I saw a frog”. . Back then, the children sang songs about sightings of hungry Batrachians, today they sing songs about the show of the mighty.

Sometimes they also sing songs from one of the judges and that is not only terrible but should be banned. On the one hand because it puts terrible pressure on the judge in question, and on the other hand because it brutally increases the disillusionment of children who, poor things, have to make them believe that their idol hates them if he does not turn the chair.

In this children’s version, among the members of the jury is the enthusiastic Marisa Liz – whom I was allowed to write about in an earlier chronicle – who retains her place from the original version of “The Voice”, to which three new members have been added. You are Carolina Deslandes who delighted the younger contestants because they look like a real version of the Nancy doll. Fernando Daniel, himself a former talent competition winner and thus a kind of modern Maria Armanda; and Carlão, who is probably the coolest man in Portuguese history, almost taco to taco with D. Afonso VII, Bonacheirão.

Carlão also has to be a calm guy in traffic. For example, I’m also a quiet guy, but I assume: I suffer from the hustle and bustle. In fact, I think my car has the same effect as the elevator that was featured in the Star Rain program. Because I get into the car as a balanced person with principles and education and when I use the first one, I become a fishmonger in the psychotic Bolhão, who waves every two seconds and says a bad word. Carlão, on the other hand, I imagine that even if a taxi driver overtakes him on the right and brakes far in front of him, he says: “Easy, boy, do you want to pass, pass, chill, life is short” and then whistle to the side. It’s just that the name is cool, Carlão. If I introduced myself as Miguelão, people would look at me and laugh, but it really suits him.

Regardless of the style and the greater or lesser capacity of everyone, parents are the problem in this RTP program. That’s why I like to see the reactions of parents on “The Voice Kids”, especially those whose children are successful.

Whenever I see the parents in ecstasy with big smiles and the twinkle in the eyes of those who think, “This is my boy, it’s perfect and I did it!” I wonder if it’s a real reaction proud of the son’s happiness or if it looks more like “Oops, you want to see the Euro Millions come out”, in the style of little Saúl’s parents.

There are many frustrated parents in such programs projecting their failed dreams into their children’s future. Don’t mind, I think it’s perfectly normal. I myself hope some of my kids will fall for the pistons because my dream has always been to be a mechanic and it always makes sense to have one in the family.

Simão Oliveira’s parents, for example, didn’t seem like the type to count on living offspring. The competitor, who reached the next level of the blind tests this Sunday, is 13 years old. When he started to sing, the judge asked Marisa, “Are you a 50-year-old man?”

Simão is not a 50-year-old man, but he could very well be a 50-year-old man because he has the tone and delicacy of António Calvário in his voice. Simão sings songs by old artists because his grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and is an opportunity to “try to revive her memory”. I no longer have grandparents, but I have a new favorite competitor. Simão’s parents are absolutely right to have that twinkle in the eyes of those who think, “This is my boy, he’s perfect and I did it!” .

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